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DC Reveals True UNIVERSE #0 Cover Art

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 13 - 2008

Don’t judge a book by its solicited cover. DC recently revealed through NEWSARAMA the true cover to DC Universe #0, which will be bridging the gap between their weekly series, Countdown, and their summer cross-over event, Final Crisis. Take a look inside to see what DC has in store for us this April.

Holy crap does that beat the original big white zero cover. I cannot wait for Final Crisis to start. I love Grant Morrison, and JG Jones is one hell of an artist. That being said, while Countdown has been nowhere near as good as 52 was, it certainly has been interesting to read. Though, not being a complete DC history nut, I did find myself getting a bit lost here and there. But I don’t even want to imagine the time constraints they must’ve been going through to get each issue out on time. Say what you will about the weekly series, but know DC delivered it every week without fail. Hopefully Final Crisis will also meet its solicited dates.

Written by Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns, and featuring art from JG Jones, Aaron Lopresti, George Perez, Carlos Pacheco, Ivan Reis, Tony Daniel and Philip Tan you can look for DC Universe #0 to be on store shelves on April 30th. Kick your DC flavored summer off with a bang for only 50 cents. Yeah, 50 cents. No excuses on not getting this one.

You can click on the picture to view George Perez’s gorgeous art in Expand-O-Scope.

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