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NY Comic Con ’08: Mondo Marvel Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 18 - 2008

Take a look inside as we sit in on the Mondo Marvel panel with guests Joe Quesada, Dan Slott, Axel Alonso, Steve Wacker, Marc Guggenheim, Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente, Jason Aaron, Duane Sweirzynski, Brian Reed and CB Cebulski.

And here we go….

- September is Terry Moore month. RUNAWAYS with Humberto Ramos as well as SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE with Craig Rousseau.

- DESTROYER MAX by Robert Kirkman and Corey Walker. No info other than one picture.

- NYX returns later this year.

- AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will add Mark Waid to the rotating list of creators to work on the thrice monthly book.

- Joey Q. was asked about his policy on non-smoking comparing the recent use of meth and swearing. “There’s a big difference between a bad guy using meth, and showing a character using drugs in a positive light. If a writer wants to show the adverse affects of smoking, then we’ll print it.”

- Christos Gage will write an AVENGERS INITIATIVE one-shot.

- AVENGERS INITIATIVE #7 will apparently be really important for Spider-Man and his recent identity issues.


- Ben Reilly is still dead.

- Once SECRET INVASION is over, Taskmaster will be more prominent in AVENGERS INITIATIVE.

- Dakota North mini-series has been indefinitely postponed.

- When asked by a crazed fan how upset they were ULTIMATES 3 didn’t outsell ULTIMATES Vol. 1, Joey Q . laughed then informed us all MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN is the #1 subscription book.

- Starting next month, apparently no more webshooter malfunctions in Spider-Man titles.

- When asked how much time was spent tying in all the recent major story-lines, Joey Q. responded by saying 90% was planned, but every once in a while it becomes a “Hey, remember this? We should tie that in,” moment.

- A fan wanted to know if there were plans to bring in the villains from DAREDEVIL: FATHER into the real Marvel universe. Joe has an origin planned, but no plans as of yet.

- Post SECRET INVASION, look for YOUNG AVENGERS to return to a regular series. Just a matter of making sure there are plenty of issues in the can.

- Duane was asked about the baby in CABLE. He responded by saying, “If you love the baby, I’m sorry. If you hate her, you’ll be happy. Get ready for the meatgrinder.”

- Full 8 page preview of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN on Marvel’s MySpace in Cup of Joe coming up this week or next.

- No plans currently for MAN-THING to be added to the regular universe. Big shocker.

- Joe Carnahan of SMOKING ACES will be writing a Taskmaster mini-series later this year.

- More teams being revealed nationwide in upcoming issues of AVENGERS INITIATIVE. Jokingly, there will be a Skrull in every state.

- No tentative date on the JMS/J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man story. Though Campbell is reportedly working hard on the pencils.

- John Romita, JR returns this August to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

- When asked if Aunt May would find out she made out with a Skrull (Jarvis), Slott joked she would find out after the pregnancy.

- No plans for TRUTH to go back into print. But there is always a chance.

- Greg Pak can’t wait for you to read SKAAR: SON OF HULK.

- Fred Van Lente says there are plans for the female Scorpion (from the relaunch of AMAZING FANTASY) to return, but can’t reveal yet how or where.

Stay tuned for Marvel’s SECRET INVASION panel.

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