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New York Comic Con 08: Dark Horse Presents Emily the Strange

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On April - 19 - 2008

This morning, we’ll be taking a look at Dark Horse’s Emily the Strange panel, here at NYCC. Hit the jump, we’re about to get started.

- The room is not particularly packed, it’s a very casual panel. I think I like it better that way.

- Creator Rob Reger tells the audience a little bit about Emily, with the help of a handy slide show. Emily is a 13-year-old “bad girl”. Actually, she’s more of an icon for thinking for yourself, do-it-yourself, being yourself. Jeremy Atkins from Dark Horse and Jessica Gruner, a writer for Emily, are also on panel.

- Emily came from a trip in the desert in which Rob hadn’t had anything to drink “in months”. He tried to get some water from a cactus, which then started to speak to him, and told him to do art if he wanted to get water. Then a watermelon started talking to him. I don’t know.

- Rob asks if anyone likes candy, then starts handing out chocolate candy bars to people who answer questions about what the watermelon said to Rob in the desert. This is going to be an interesting panel.

- Rob shows some cool Emily art of his, talks about being influenced by other artists, including Escher.

- Rob asks if anyone likes cats. I raise my hand involuntary and say “YAY!”

- Rob talks about being a fan of the band the Damned, and then asks if anyone has a record player. My hand doesn’t go up fast enough to get a special Emily-cover Damned record. He then starts talking about Iron Maiden, I wish Nikkita was here to enjoy it.

- Another of Rob’s influences: Dr. Seuss. Also, ROCK (a picture of a rock with Emily drawn on it). Emily also loves Ozzy, Zappa, the Misfits. A little girl raises her hand and says “my friend’s dad is in the Misfits.” She’s so adorable! Rob immediately finds something to give her and asks if he can meet her friend’s dad.

- More rock-inspired art is shown.

- Emily the Strange is NOT your homegirl.

- Shows a fashion spread in V magazine inspired by Emily, all the models have dark hair and bangs and black dresses (except for one chick, who’s topless).

- A video of the grand opening of the Emily store in Hong Kong. Artists draw Emily art all over the walls. Man, I wish I had that in my bedroom. More Hong Kong video footage from an Emily art show. Rob and co-artist Buzz Parker doing their thing. It’s really neat to watch them paint and turn a blank canvas into a work of Emily art.

- Rob takes the mic once again and shows some music artists wearing Emily gear (Tommy Lee, Iggy Pop), which is appropriate because the Emily comics are very rock-oriented and inspired by various musical artists.

- Coming up next in the Emily comics: Emily meets Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. This issue comes out “very soon”. Emily will also be “serving up her favorite recipes for vengeance”. I can’t wait.

- The creators of Manic Panic are here! Damn, I’ve got Manic Panic dye in my hair right now. Emily is teaming Manic Panic for Emily hair dye. ROCK!

- A line of Emily clothes for babies is launching called “Emiwee”. It’s adorable.

- Footage of the Emily video game! Now we’re really talking. Unfortunately Rob doesn’t say anything more about the game, and I couldn’t tell too much from the video. There’s also an Emily movie in the works, but we’re pressed for time so Rob doesn’t say much more.

- A book coming out called Emily’s Lost Days: The Journals Vol #1. In which Emily meets a lot of people and/or things.

- Plugs the website, There’s also a social network on the site called the Society of Strange with almost 80,000 members. One of the forums encourages you to post pictures of your cats! Aw.

- Time for audience participation. We’re going to play some “Bad Libs”, similar to “Mad Libs”. I’m pretty sure hilarity is going to ensue.

- Audience question time. Someone beats me to the video game question! It looks like it’s being developed for the PC, but they’re considering other systems as well. Rob can’t say too much about that.

- Someone asks if they’re going to open an Emily store in New York. Rob doesn’t have any plans to open a local store as of yet, but you can find Emily products in several other stores.

- A question about the movie: it looks like it will be animated, though Rob won’t say too much past that. No voice-actors have been cast as Emily yet.

- Emily’s cats WERE based on real cats owned by Rob and Jessica or named after philosophers or musicians.

Don’t forget, will be talking to Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger later this weekend. Stay tuned for more news, interviews, panels, and more, all straight from New York Comic Con!

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