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New York Comic Con 08: Day Two (Sarah’s Take)

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On April - 19 - 2008

Oh man, it’s been a crazy, jam-packed day so far. Started out interviewing the lead designer for Gaia Online’s upcoming MMO, then jumped into the Emily the Strange panel. While we were trying to buy a $7.50 personal pizza for lunch, the lady working at the food stand starting freaking out and said she was going to pass out. You couldn’t wait till after giving us our ridiculously overpriced food to have a nervous breakdown? Hit the jump to see what else I’ve been up to today.

I was severely disappointed that I could not attend the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Lucasfilm screening, but after being told by a young Obi-wan that press could go right in, we were then told that press had to wait in line. And the line was long, you guys. Really, really long. So we hit the floor some more instead. I think it worked out all right.

Then I went to two back-to-back panels for Vertigo (yes, again) and the upcoming comic series created in part by Milo Ventimiglia, which was severely overpacked due to all the Milo fans. Not that I mind him or anything. He’s easy on the eyes. More on those panels to come, my computer battery is getting ready to pass out again. This place is super, super packed today, and I seem to have lost my co-writer Luke. Maybe he’ll be devoured by the masses and will never be heard from again. I hope not, cause he’s my ride home tomorrow.

We’re not done yet, we’ve got more to come later tonight and tomorrow. And despite how crazy it’s been, we’re having a blast at New York Comic Con. Stay tuned!

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