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NY Comic Con ’08: Day 2 Mid-Day Update

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 19 - 2008

Take the jump for a short update on today’s goings on.

First, the bad news. Sadly, there will be no coverage of any of the big comic movie panels that are happening. Turns out even us press have to wait in line. Despite much pleading. We apologize for this, but the good to come out of that is now we get to actually go hit the floor more, and attend certain panels which we would have missed otherwise. So it was sort of a double edged sword deal.

I was so disappointed in myself for not being able to cover everylast thing for you guys, I went out and did a little anger spending.

This is the actual page 5 from issue 4 of SLEEPER Season One by Sean Phillips. He is a hell of a dude, and a fantastic artist. Lucky for me, sitting next to Mr. Phillips was the very talented Charlie Adlard. Charlie pencils a little known book THE WALKING DEAD. It’s about zombies or something. You’ve probably never heard of it.

Sean is diligently working on a sketch while Charlie did us the favor of actually looking at the camera. Anyway, having my WALKING DEAD limited oversized hardcover on hand (in case of emergencies) I asked him to sign it. Well, as you can see, he did a little more than just a signature.

He completely ruined my book by drawing a zombie on it. Thanks a lot, Charlie. No, seriously, thank you. It’s guys like him doing that extra little bit that make these cons worth coming to. Now if only I could find Tony Moore.

Sarah happened to find a Harley parked on the con floor. I managed to snap this photo before she drove off screaming something about Milo Ventimigliaahiaealaia. Aparently he’s on some show called HEROES.

Finally, before I head off to the TOP COW panel, we happened to take a picture today of a lost Colossus. If anyone can help him find where he needs to go, please call 1-888-XAVIERS.

We did get a chance to speak briefly with Lee Weeks, who if you’ve noticed from previous posts I have an unabashed affinity for. Great guy, signed some things for me, but due to time constraints, was unable to speak with us at length this weekend.

Anyway, stay tuned, there’s plenty more con coverage on the way.

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