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NY Comic Con ’08: DC- Countdown to Crisis Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 19 - 2008

DC is counting down to their big crossover event. Get updated after the jump as we sit in on the panel with guests Dan DiDio, Jan Jones, Ian Sattler, Sean McKeever, Stephane Roux, Geoff Johns, Gail Simone, JG Jones and Grant Morrison.

- Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Gail Simone and JG Jones are greeted with raucous applause.

- DC UNIVERSE will start in the heavens and make its way to a strip club by the end of the issue. The entire tone of the universe will change. And it’s only 50 cents.

- “They’re all dead.” – Grant Morrison’s response to what happens in FINAL CRISIS.

- There will be a FINAL CRISIS sketchbook out before FINAL CRISIS ships.

- Kollins and Johns’ ROUGUE’S REVENGE will be a big brawl with the Flash rogues and the Secret Society.

- DiDio loves the weekly comic experience. He wants you to have something to look forward to every week in the shop. Though, Geoff claims he and Grant wanted to blow eachother’s brains out at the end.

- RANN/THANAGAR: HOLY WAR will tie many story lines together that have been running for the last few years, as well as set up some things for the next few years.

- REIGN IN HELL will center around all the mystic characters in the DCU choosing between the devil they know, and the devil they don’t.

- BATMAN “RIP” will be a culmination of all the story elements of Grant’s run.

- Tony Daniel’s Joker will be a mix of Joe Grey (?) from CABARET and a road accident.

- ACTION COMICS will hope to make Brainiac a very scary character, and not just a joke.

- Robinson’s SUPERMAN will actually tie in with ACTION COMICS.

- Simone hinted at her next arcs following some scientists who think they found a way to take away Wonder Woman’s power, and a male Amazon. Who will NOT be called Manazon (to the crowd’s dismay), but Olympian instead.

- Roux likes drawing girls (he’s the cover artist for BoP), and DiDio loves him drawing girls. Also, he is not a girl named Stephanie Roux.

- JOKER’S ASYLUM will explore the Batman villains in a 5th week event around the time the movie releases. Different teams on each book.

- The next few issues of JUSTICE LEAGUE will tie in hugely to FINAL CRISIS.

- Jerry Ordway is drawing the JUSTICE SOCIETY ANNUAL where Power Girl returns to Earth-2.

- POWER GIRL will have a new series by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. DiDio has been waiting for an opportunity to do this series, and everything finally lined up for them to put it out.

- BOOSTER GOLD #1,000,000 will tell us where Rip Hunter has been since he vanished.

- SUPERGIRL: COSMIC ADVENTURES in the 8th GRADE will be an all-ages book in the vein of TINY TITANS and TEEN TITANS GO!

- Mike Kunkel’s BILLY BATSON and the MAGIC of SHAZAM’s first arc will feature Black Adam.

- DiDio wants these books to bring in a younger audience, and hopes to please the parents who ask where the comics are for their kids to enjoy.

- Johns first thanked the crowd for reading “Sinestro Wars” before telling us GREEN LANTERN will showcase how the “Massacre of Sector 666″ ties into “Blackest Night” in upcoming issues.

- Gail Simone announced a new SECRET SIX ongoing with Nikola Scott. Memebers will include Catman, Deadshot, Scandal, Ragdoll, an all new character they created (whose name I missed) as well as an A-List Batman villain.

- ALL STAR BATMAN and ROBIN will continue (to which a fan asked “Why?” and was promptly booed0.

- Grant finished all his ALL STAR SUPERMAN scripts last year, and is just waiting for Frank to finish drawing all the pages.

- DiDio surrounded himself with two women dressed as “good” Mary Marvel and “evil” Mary Marvel before the questioning began.

- A fan asked what is going on in SUPERGIRL, claiming she had no clue what was going on. Ian stated in upcoming issues it would tie back to the main Superman titles, and to hang on because it will get better.

- Supergirl is intricate to the plans Johns has for Superman.

- When asked when  we would see interiors from Roux. He answered in French, to many laughs, before DiDio interjected with “coming soon.”

- When asked about writing the Suicide Squad, Johns said that SECRET SIX will cover that area of the DCU, so he feels no need to have another book like that.

- When asked whether or not there will be one Legion in continuity following FINAL CRISIS, Johns and Morrison both had no comment.

- A fan praised the all ages books DC plans to put out before asking whether there will be a single timeline or whether there will continue to be many Earths. Morrison responded by saying all will be revealed.

- Giffen will be too busy doing AMBUSH BUG to worry about doing JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL.

- Dick Grayson will be more prominent in Grant’s BATMAN. “You’ll be seeing quite a lot of Dick in BATMAN.”

- No new Klarion stories planned. Grant did say his version of Frankenstein from SEVEN SOLDIERS would appear in FINAL CRISIS.

- When asked when Wally West would return to the FLASH title, DiDio asked the Mary Marvels. Good Mary said he was going to die. Evil Mary said he’d make it through the impending Crisis.

- Both GREEN LANTERN and GREEN LANTERN CORPS will be showing more of the new colored Lanterns. DiDio then revealed there would be some of the new colors in DC UNIVERSE #0.

- Will Grant or Geoff be bringing back a kick-ass Aquaman? Yes, and read FINAL CRISIS to find him.

- How will BATMAN “RIP” affect DETECTIVE COMICS and its one and done style? “Completely,” said DiDio.

- The final part of the Johns/Kubert ”Last Son” story will be out in a few weeks. It’s at the printer right now. DiDio said it was one of the best endings he’s ever read.

- Rip Hunter’s megaverse idea was scrapped because of a cease and desist order DC received after Rip mentioned it in 52.

- The Legion will fight General Zod when they attempt to rescue Mon-El from the Phantom Zone.

- There are plans to have stories take place on the 52 worlds in the multi-verse. They will come out along with FINAL CRISIS as well as in one shots.

- “Where is Barry Allen?” Both Mary Marvels agreed all Flashes are going to die.

- When will we Hal Jordan’s bastard child? “Hal Jordan is a virgin.”

- Superman’s origin will be fixed by next year.

- Will any of the Earth Green Lanterns be adversely affected by “Blackest Night”? Johns said to stay tuned.

- After learning CATWOMAN was being cancelled, a fan asked when we would see her again. The panel replied she’d be in the Batman universe, which was apparently not good enough for the fan.

- Zantanna will possibly have a big something by Paul Dini soon.

- Will BATMAN BEYOND ever be in continuity? “Not at this time.” There were some plans but they fizzled out.

- Will there be a follow up as to why the future versions of Flash and Superboy from TEEN TITANS were clones? “No plan to visit that at this time.”

- A fan said his friend would “go gay” for Grant Morrison. Grant said he’d like to see that.

- The original Question is still dead.

- Will more Green Lanterns turn color? “Maybe.”

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  1. » Blog Archive » New York Comic Con 08: The Wrap-up (So Far) Said,

    [...] come), got to check out a panel for Emily the Strange in the morning while Luke went to hear what DC had to say. More panels followed that afternoon, one of which included a clever [...]

    Posted on April 21st, 2008 at 8:04 AM

  2. Jill a.k.a. Nerdy Bird Said,

    Hi, I was the girl who asked what the hell was going on in Supergirl. They told me what was coming in the future but no one actually told me what’s going on right now. I don’t think they know either. :)

    Anyway, I did a whole write up about the entire con on my blog if you want to check it out.

    Posted on April 24th, 2008 at 11:37 PM

  3. Luke Brown Said,

    Your Zatanna costume was spot on. Glad to see someone actually got to talk to Cliff Chiang. Every time I had time to stroll by his table, there was no one there. Thanks for stopping by, hope you stick around.

    Posted on April 25th, 2008 at 5:18 AM

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