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NY Comic Con ’08: Venture Brothers Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 19 - 2008

There are very few shows on television I must watch the moment they air. One is LOST. Another of my personal favorites is Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick’s hilarious VENTURE BROTHERS, which airs on ADULT SWIM. It just so happened both Doc and Jackson would be at the NY Comic Con along with several cast members, and just like the show, there was no way I was missing this panel.

Originally scheduled to follow the TOP COW panel in the same room, a convention worker came in to inform us holdovers the VENTURE panel was moving to a bigger room. Just so you at home know, they moved us to the biggest room besides the IGN Theater where all the movie panels were being held, and there were still people sitting in the aisles and against the walls to get a mere glimpse of the cartoon and its creators. 300 people plus, easy.

*Be advised, this report is uncensored, and these guys like to swear.*

Before any of the creative team is formally introduced, we were treated to a short preview of the third season. To the best of my memory here are some highlights:

- Dr. Venture dreaming his father is speaking to him at the kitchen table. Dr. Venture, Sr.’s privates are hanging out of his underwear, freaking Rusty out. Dr. Killinger’s face then appears as the head of Venture, Sr.’s privates. Killinger says some things I couldn’t make out due to the extreme amount of laughter drawn from the crowd.
- Brock gets into funny argument with his car’s computer.
- Dr. Orpheus’s monk friend complains about finding out his boyfriend has been cheating on him through MySpace.
- The Hunter Thompson/Nick Fury fusion head of the Office of Secret Intelligence returned in several scenes. One highlight was a road trip through the countryside with a young, rat-tailed Brock.
- What appeared to be a promotional video for the OSI poking fun at the GI JOE cartoon. This must been seen, words cannot describe how awesome it was seeing Venture-ized versions of GI Joe and Cobra.

The preview ended, and the panel began. In attendance were Doc, Jackson, James Urbaniak (who voices Dr. Venture) and Michael Sinternikaas. Just so you know, James’ voice is Dr. Venture’s. He’s not changing his voice at all to do it, and that makes listening to everything he has to say ten times funnier. Before opening it up to the floor for questions, Jackson informed us the show premiers on 06.01.08, and they were still editing that episode.

- When asked what we can expect this season, Doc replied, “You’ll learn things you never wanted to know about the characters.”
- The boys’ mother will make a return appearance.
- A fan asked which David Bowie record was their favorite (David Bowie was actually a major character in the season 2 finale). Station to Station was the record of choice.
- In that vein, another fan asked if there were plans for a music or soundtrack CD. Jackson stated JG Thurwell was putting the final mixes together, and hoped the CD would be out some time this year.
- A girl dressed like a Goth cat asked if we would see more of the Kim character this season (Kim was Triana’s friend from the double-date episode in season 2). Doc questioned why Kim was such a favorite character, claiming no one should like her since she only had around 5 lines of dialogue. He asked the fan to admit she only wanted to see more of Kim since the character looked “hot.” Finally answering, they had no major plans for Kim, but she’d be around.
- A fan dressed as the Monarch (the supposed arch-nemesis of the Ventures) asked if Doc would preside over his marriage. His fiancée, dressed as Dr. Girlfriend, brought Doc the wedding invitation, as Doc actually contemplated doing it. He finally answered with “Definitely maybe.”
- Questioned on how hard it was to write situational comedy versus comedy springing from real life, Doc replied, “Look, we’re going to have our poopy jokes. We’re not that talented.”
- Some guy commented on how sleazy Dr. Venture always sounded and asked James Urbaniak if he could do a sleazy pick-up line. James borrowed Doc’s sunglasses before spouting, “I’m blind, but I sense that you want to fuck me.”
- What started as a simple “Who would win in a fight: Henchman 21 or 24?” turned into a hilarious diatribe from Doc Hammer. Doc voices 21, and proceeded to go on an in character rant detailing how he’d “totally own” 24. “21 would win due to his never say die psychosis.” I really wish I had audio of this for you guys.
- There are no current plans for a feature, but “Fuck yeah we’d do one!” was the general consensus.
- Steven Colbert is not at this time returning to voice Professor Impossible. Doc added, “Colbert’s funny no matter how much he hates us. I will watch his show every night, but if he ever asked me to be on the show, fuck… um, no.”
- When asked if Dean and Triana would finally get together, we were told jokingly there would be full frontal and penetration during a 15-minute fuck session. Doc finished saying, “Bringing them together too quick cheapens it. Or maybe Dean gets her pregnant. I’m not telling.”
- The panel closed with the Jackson informing us they’d just started writing season four. He felt they’d taken things to lightly after bringing in Ben Edlund to help out last season, but now the heavy lifting was being done by them. Hopefully, this means there won’t be any more yearlong gaps between seasons.

All in all, this was a great fan friendly panel. I wish I had some audio for you guys, but I’m just a simple country reporter. Next time, I’ll try to do better by you. Hang in there because there’s still one more day of the con, plus we haven’t even posted any major pics or interviews yet (mostly due to time constraints). So stick around, you might like it here.

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