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In case you were wondering, no, I did not go to this panel just because Milo Ventimiglia was there. I am a professional, after all. Not that I was opposed to his presence or anything. Hit the jump to hear all about Rest, the new comic story executive-produced by partners Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff and published by Devil’s Due.

- I got to the panel a few minutes late due to the Vertigo panel being right before it, and the room was jam-packed, standing room only. I guess Milo Ventimiglia was a bigger draw than anyone anticipated. Anyway, I managed to finagle a seat, and even though I could barely see the stage, I got the gist of what was going on.

- One of the editors for Devil’s Due started out by talking about some upcoming projects, but it was clear that everyone in the audience was waiting for the main event, so Milo Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff were brought out to talk about Rest and take questions from the audience.

- Divide Pictures, Milo’s and Russ’s production company, came across the idea for Rest during the Hollywood writer’s strike. They approached Devil’s Due about turning it into a comic, and that’s how the project was born.

- Written by Mark Powers, will be out in August 2008.

- The premise is about what would happen if you could take a pill and not have to sleep. What could you get done in that time, and how would never restarting your day affect your life after an extended amount of time?

- According to Russ, Mark’s writing “melted his head”.

- It’s time for audience questions! Wow, they’re really just getting right to it.

- Why do the comic? Milo says that he has been a big comic fan since childhood, and with Hollywood on strike, he and Russ decided to turn to the comic industry instead.

- Milo uses the f-word and then apologizes for it, it’s adorable.

- Milo is asked if he would take the drug the protagonist in Rest takes. Milo says he only sleeps 2 or 4 hours a night anyway.

- A 99-cent special is coming in August, followed by a 4-issue trade miniseries.

- It’s a story anyone can identify with, because we would all like more time. Good if you like sci-fi, action, good art, or have a crush on Milo. Check, check, check… check.

- What comics did they like growing up? Milo loved Submariner, Batman, and “some more obscure things.” Russ liked The Atom, among others.

- The storyline for Rest mainly takes place in New York, it’s about a single guy down on luck and life. Very few people know about the experimental drug he’s taking, he works for a pharmaceutical company.

- Milo and Russ are very hands-on with the comic.

- At first the project was going to be a feature script, but now they just want to make a “kickass comic”.

- Milo jokes that he will go to every comic shop in the country to promote Rest.

- Apparently earlier on the floor, Milo stopped by the Mezco action figure booth and saw one of the figures based on him. He stopped and said “That’s me!” The Mezco guys said “Yeah… we know.” I wish I had an action figure.

- The artist on the book is To Be Announced.

- Milo loves all aspects of his career, from TV and films to working with Russ and working on the comic.

- What crazy dreams has Milo had? A recurring dream was being chased by monsters and demons who couldn’t actually get to him.

- Milo and Russ are huge Star Wars fans. Milo even used to read the books.

Thus ended the Devil’s Due panel, and I must say that I am intrigued by Rest. I’ll be checking that out when it hits stores later this year. That’s all for Saturday’s panels, but we’ve still got more Comic Con goodness heading your way. Stay tuned.

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