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New York Comic Con 08: Vertigo Voices – Through the Looking Glass

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On April - 20 - 2008

Yesterday, I attended the second Vertigo panel here at New York Comic Con. Unlike the first panel, this one focused entirely on original graphic novels. Once again, the panel was led by editor Karen Berger, with panelists Becky Cloonan, Brian Wood, G. Willow Wilson, Josh Dysart, Matt Johnson, Dean Haspiel, Jonathan Ames, and a couple other names I couldn’t catch, sorry guys! Hit the jump for the full report.

- First up was Incognegro by Matt Johnson, which came out two months ago. It was inspired by his experiences of being black but looking white, and will follow a young journalist in the 1920s who goes to the south. It will have a noir tone. Matt Johnson then added “I don’t know what else to say… buy my damn book.”

- The incredibly awesome Demo was shown next, followed by an announcement that Becky Cloonan and Brian Wood are working on a new Demo, which will be six issues and will start at the end of this year. This was a big book for both of their careers.

- The Alcoholic by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel is, in the short version, “a guy on a bender after getting his heart broken”. Ames was apparently a fiction writer who started writing for comics after befriending Dean. Jonathan Ames also admitted to being “a people pleaser and codependent”, and wanting to please people with his work.

- Greendale is an adaptation of Neil Young’s concept album, and some of Cliff Chiang’s art for the project is shown. Neil Young has been very involved in this project, the story will focus on a young girl who becomes an activist on the eve of a big war.

- We find out a little more about G. Willow Wilson’s Air, the protagonist of which will be a stewardess who is afraid of heights. This novel was first brought up yesterday at the first Vertigo panel. The stewardess (aren’t they called flight attendants now? oh well) discovers another side of the world of flight, and also that she has certain “abilities”. Look for it in August.

- After showing Luna Park, Karen tells the audience that Vertigo is making a much stronger effort to acquire original graphic novels, so we can expect to see more from the publisher in the next year or two. I can dig it.

- In Second Life, college friends meet up ten years later, but all have made up stories about their lives, so no one is sure what is true and what is false.

- The Nobody will “take the protagonist from The Invisible Man and throw him into the modern world”.

- Heavy Liquid and Y: The Last Man are getting deluxe hardcover editions later this year. Oh man, I’m so sad that Y: The Last Man is gone.

- The floor is opened up to audience questions. Will there be more projects with Pia Guerra? None lined up at the moment (which is a shame).

- Vertigo is putting the word out that they’re looking for creators of original graphic novels over the internet, at panels like this one, going through literary agents, pretty much any way they can.

= Will there be more Stray Bullets? Vertigo would do it if they could.

- Is doing more original graphic novel work going to take away from Vertigo’s monthlies? “Not at all.”

- Any old stories getting the “Absolute” treatment? They’re talked about it, but no real plans. (Too bad, I would be all over an Absolute Fables book).

- The panel wants to know if they are doing enough to get the word out there about these books. Word from the audience is that they would like to see more internet news, more about it in the mainstream press, maybe some kind of newsletter.

- When will The Alcoholic be out? September 2008.

- Also, there is still no Vertigo movie news.

And that wraps up the second Vertigo panel at New York Comic Con. Keep checking back, we’ve got lots more to tell you about this crazy weekend (and there’s still one day to go!). And don’t forget to check out for all the video game announcements from the weekend.

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  1. Luke Said,

    Hey thanks for reporting on second Vertigo panel no one else seems to have, I’ve search high and low for a report, Really appreciate it! Same goes for the Oni press one as well.


    Posted on April 20th, 2008 at 8:22 PM

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