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NY Comic Con ’08: Final Crisis Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On April - 20 - 2008

DC‘s big blockbuster event is just weeks away. Follow the jump to see what happened as we sit on a panel featuring Grant Morrison, JG Jones, Adam Schlegman, Eddie Berganza and Dan DiDio.


DiDio starts the panel by stating FINAL CRISIS will be the end of the CRISIS Trilogy which began with IDENTITY CRISIS. DiDio tries killing some more time waiting for Grant to show up introducing the rest of the panel, then recapping each of the previous CRISIS storylines.

- This is the one day evil wins. Do the heroes continue to fight, or give up because the fight is too hard?

- A horribly tragic event happens at the end of issue 3, leading to fill-in issue between 3 and 4 called FINAL CRISIS: REQUIEM where the event is addressed.

- Jones joked “This is the biggest crisis ever.”

- Grant found Mary Marvel to be cool when writing her.

- Are you culminating your previous runs on all your works into FINAL CRISIS? Grant said everything he’s ever done for DC will be tied in somehow to what he’s doing on FINAL CRISIS.

- A fan commented on ANIMAL MAN #15 and its impact on his life. He then asked if we would see Gleek(the pet monkey of the Wonder Twins) in FINAL CRISIS? “Who’s Gleek?” was the response before a resounding no.

- Is Libra a central character or more of a wildcard to kick things off? A combination of the two. It seemed a good time to bring this guy back with the death of the Gods. We will see who’s behind the mask.

- If you don’t kill the Martian Manhunter would you write an ongoing? “Ooops… I mean, yeah sure.”

- Will Dr. Thirteen show up at all? No plans. Brian’s story was pretty good on its own.

- Do you find there to be burnout for the fans by making us get all the tie-ins? Grant’s response, “You don’t have to buy all of those other books because most of them are crap. Buy the ones from the writers you like.” He then clarified by saying he was talking about other companies, not DC.

- There will only be one month long break.

- JG answered a question comparing his work on 52 to FINAL CRISIS. “Trying to distill the stories from 52 into covers was much more daunting than getting to be a ‘cinematographer’ while working on interiors.”

- The book will start from the ground and work its way to the cosmic. Evil happens on all scales, and everyone will face it on their own level.

- Green Lanterns start out prominent in the book but then fade to the background by issue 3 and open the door for the Flash.

- FINAL CRISIS starts off as a murder mystery so the Guardians seal off Earth as a crime scene, which is where the Lanterns come in.

- Will any heroes fall in with Darkseid? “Everyone gets a choice to say ‘Should we stand with evil or not?’”

- Will you Grant Morrison himself appear in the book? Not at this time.

- Can there be a story where All-Star Superman beats the crap out of All-Star Batman? “I just don’t have the time to write it.”

- A lot of minor characters will be given at least one chance to show how much of a hero they can be.

- After “Batman RIP” there will be a two issue story that will tie into FINAL CRISIS. Grant plans to stay on BATMAN well after FINAL CRISIS.

- Unless he could bring back Danny the world, we shouldn’t count on Doom Patrol making an appearance.

- Grant then described the time JG put into one particular scene where the Mad Hatter gets beaten with a toilet seat. “It ends up a bit Martin Scorcese, and it’s quite brilliant.”

- A fan who loved Grant’s take on Zatanna wanted to know what his plans were for her in FINAL CRISIS. Grant said there was something coming with Paul Dini, as well as her appearing in the offshoot REIGN IN HELL.

- Grant would like to see Mary Marvel wipe the floor with Black Adam. And maybe we would see that.

- There will possibly be an ALL-STAR SUPERMAN animated feature. This is only in the talking it out stage right now. JG joked, “Here’s your headline: Morrison confirmed vaguery.”

- Will FINAL CRISIS keep up the deathtoll from other books? Grant likes to give characters some life changing even that may be worse than death. “Death is too easy for these characters.”

- JG will be pencilling and inking his work on FINAL CRISIS.

- The death in issue one will be quite shocking.

- Grant has really gotten into writing Supergirl, surprisingly. He said to check out the Bizarro comics from a year or so back to see where he got his motivation for how to write her.

- When asked who he was currently enjoying drawing the most, JG replied, ”There’s a party on every page.”

- JG and Grant did a lot of the design work together. The design process was more fun than drawing the book all day. We can find a bunch of these images in the sketchbook.

- Again, Grant wanted everyone to know by the time DC UNIVERSE #0 comes out the entire tone of the universe will be different.

- After this book finishes, Grant is looking to take some time off and will only be working on BATMAN.

- Grant doesn’t believe cinematic comics really exist. There’s too much of a difference between the two mediums.

- JG is playing with the visual style in a very subtle way. He will be changing camera angles to indicate these styles.

- Some of the techniques Grant learned on SEVEN SOLDIERS will make their way into FINAL CRISIS.

- Darkseid casts no shadows as he is the source of all shadows. JG stated the New Gods will be playing with light and darkness. The evil Gods will almost suck all the light out of the room so you can’t really see them completely.

- When the Gods fall, they begin to manifest as humans on Earth.

- JG is more interested in the stories than he is the characters. He would work on any character if he was interested in the story.


That’s all for now. Be sure to check back on for more from the last day of the NYCC.

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