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Wizard World Philly ’08: DC Nation

Posted by Luke Brown On May - 30 - 2008

After the jump, you can find out what happened when some of DC’s top talent invaded Philadelphia this weekend. Join us as we sit in on a panel featuring JG Jones, Jimmy Palmiotti, Art Baltazar and Shane Davis.

- FINAL CRISIS: SUPERMAN BEYOND will be in 3-D. By the team of Grant Morrison and Dough Mahnke.

- The group loves Philip Tan’s art on FINAL CRISIS: REVELATIONS.

- TRINITY will be a much different book than COUNTDOWN and 52.

- Upcoming issues of SUPERMAN/BATMAN will finally reveal things that had seeds planted a while ago.

- There will be a lot more twists and turns in upcoming issues of JUSTICE SOCIETY.

- McDuffie’s next arc of JUSTICE LEAGUE will be very big and important.

- Amanda Conner couldn’t make the trip this time since she is so hard at work on the POWER GIRL series. Jimmy jokes, “Everything is big in this book.” New readers should be able to pick it up and read it without being bogged down in continuity.

- Supergirl and Blue Beetle will join the team with TINY TITANS #6. All the other Titans will be on a field trip, so expect to see some obscure ones like Lagoon Boy.

The panel then opened up for questions.

- Does Nightwing get any Federal funding since he owns most of the devastated Bludhaven? No, he got a FEMA trailer.

- What do you say to the people who feel that FINAL CRISIS #1 didn’t deliver on the hype? The story will get bigger as it goes on. Grant is known for building it up, rather than huge explosive first issues. JG believes in the very specific pacing Grant has set up for the book. He doesn’t feel the book was slow as every few pages there was a change in scenery.

- Expect major things to happen during REIGN in HELL. More specifically, around issues three and four.

- A fan feels JSA has been lacking in Power Girl presence. But fans should keep an eye on James Robinson’s upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE.

- A fan requested more stories about the history of the Earth-51 Batman.

- When the same fan questioned why Batman was going to die in RIP, Palmiotti joked the original story for Batman RIP was he was going to have high blood-pressure. They also reminded us that they never said Batman was going to die.

- A fan who read the original Libra story when it originally came out, first commented on his lameness, then asked what it was like hearing the pitch where Libra would be the catalyst for FINAL CRISIS? The panel echoed that it really depended on who pitched it. JG said it was great since Libra was a wild card, unlike Lex or the Joker.

- A fan wants to know if FINAL CRISIS really is the final one. JG joked about calling it the PENULTIMATE CRISIS, but it didn’t have the same feel.

- Jason Todd will be involved in both Batman RIP and an upcoming Who Will Be The Next Red Hood story.

- TRINITY and Batman RIP will mesh together at the end.

- RAGE of the RED LANTERNS is the kick-off to the Blackest Night story coming up in Green Lantern books.

- A fan excited for the POWER GIRL series wants to know what to expect from her secret identity in the book. Jimmy let her know there would be a lot of great character stuff as that really plays to Amanda’s strengths. The JSA annual will lead directly into the on-going.

- Any insight on the upcoming Superman stories? The Brainiac story Johns has planned for ACTION COMICS is going to be huge. The stories are all going to be huge going into 2009.

- No plans for a second JSA book at this time, but we should wait and see what happens after the Gog stories finish up. There may not be a lot of people left for a second book.

- A fan questioned why Martian Manhunter had to die off panel. JG stated his script said “Libra spears Martian Manhunter through the chest, and kills him.”

- Are there more mock motivational ads coming, and are there plans to release them collected? The final one coming Ambush Bug with the quote “Unvictorious.” There is a summer time version planned, but there are no plans to collect them.

- JG says he’s drawn a lot of nasty things happening to some pretty good character in upcoming FINAL CRISIS pages.

- Plans on how to top FINAL CRISIS next year? Oh, yeah. 2009 is going to be one spectacular year in the DC Universe.

- A fan commented on the Legion of Super Heroes being in constant flux, wanting to know if there would be a definitive history/origin? Read LEGION of THREE WORLDS.

- Nothing has moved on with the supposed ALL-STAR BATGIRL. JG joked he kinda got a little busy.

- Darwyn Cooke’s JONAH HEX issue will take place in Canada, and Jonah will kill Mounties.

- Palmiotti said JH Williams III art for JONAH belongs in a museum.

- Next week’s issue of JONAH deals with him trying to get out of a Mexican city, only to be stopped by every last person on the way. Jimmy said they wrote it to Jordi Bernet’s tastes, and it’s hilarious.

- Keith Giffen on AMBUSH BUG is supposedly the best thing ever.

- Untitled BLACK CANARY/ZATANA graphic novel by Paul Dini and Amanda Conner is on the agenda, but don’t expect it this year.

- Palmiotti says the MORTAL KOMBAT vs DC video game is going to be interesting.

- Any chance of seeing Bart Allen any time soon? Deafening silence.

- None of the announced ALL-STAR books (Batgirl, Wonder Woman) are dead, but they will be coming when they’re ready, and not one second sooner.

- A fan asked whether or not Jim Shooter was still going to be writing LEGION. Even though the panel got a little talky over this subject, if you paid attention, they did let it be know post LEGION of THREE WORLDS, Shooter was still going to be the writer of the ongoing.

- Will there be a version of Ion or Parallax in the other colors? Nobody really had an answer. Johns has a lot of great ideas that will see print very soon.

- Is Damien really Batman’s son? The panel commented that the fan has no patience. The question will be addressed in upcoming issues.

- What’s going on with Captain Atom? That’s a good question. No answer today, but good question.

- What ever happened with Alan Scott’s eye? The panel had no answer.

- Any more of Ralph and Sue Dibny? Read REIGN in HELL.

This panel really missed Dan DiDio’s presence. Even though Jimmy Palmiotti tried his best.

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