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We’re coming to you as live as possible thanks to finding a free hot spot in the convention center. $100 a day for internets? No thank you. We’ll do our best to stay free and live as Joe Quesada, Brian Reed, Dan Slott, Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak, Tom Breevort, CB Cebulski and native son, Duane Swierczynski fill us in on all that is MARVEL. Hit the jump to see what happened.

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- July begins Manifest Destiny. The next X-Men storyline starts in UNCANNY X-MEN #500.

- Daniel Way and Paco Medina’s DEADPOOL arrives in September.

- Mike Deodato will take on art duties for WOLVERINE: ORIGINS.

- KING SIZE CABLE SPECTACULAR, a Bishop-centric story about him tracking the baby he wants to kill.

- Greg Pak will be writing MAGNETO: TESTAMENT in September, which will finally tell the origin of Magneto in detail. Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico of BATTLIN’ JACK MURDOCK.

- September also debuts AGE of the SENTRY. The series will focus on some Sentry back story, and will reveal some of his classic villains.

- Breevort answers his phone. Apparently there’s a new Speedball design that is finished. Supposedly it looks great.

The panel now opened up to fan questions.

- Will Skaar invade the Marvel Universe, or stay off planet? Pak says eventually it may happen, but the story is more about the tale of Skaar on the planet Sakaar.

- Joey Q and Pak can’t say enough how much Ron Garney is doing career work on this, and is “… channeling his inner John Buscema.”

- A fan is disgruntled with Millar and Hitch’s FANTASTIC FOUR. He even claims the art is “horrible.” Joe and Breevort reply that everything is cyclical, and changing styles is not for everyone. “Not every comic is going to please every person.”

- Joe emphasizes Millar is trying very hard to tap into the high adventure style of older FF stories.

- A fan claims SECRET INVASION is blowing FINAL CRISIS away.

- Will there be a time when Iron Man doesn’t show up in every book coming out? Dan Slott jokes, “You’ll see one day when he lifts up the mask, and it’s really Wolverine under there.”

- What is the panel’s opinion on digital comics? Joe believes anything that gets comics out the masses is great in his book.

- When are you changing Spider-Man back to when it was good? Joe wants to know what made the book good in the past, but the fan can’t really give him a straight answer. Joe says there is a gap of time after the One More Day storyline that we haven’t read yet. Stay tuned to see why things happened the way they did.

- Joe never believed that Peter Parker would ever get divorced, and that’s how we ended up with the way things went down.

- Joe goes on stating one thing in common with all great, major storylines, was a dramatic change to the status quo. If every story ended with the same status quo, we (readers) would be unhappy with everything. MARVEL does the best they can to keep us invested in their stories.

- Mary Jane is not a Skrull.

- Will characters and concepts make their way from AGE of the SENTRY into the modern continuity? There are no plans right now. The book is more of a golden agey throw back.

- Any chance for a SLINGERS series? Not really.

- There will huge upheavals and secrets revealed during ULTIMATE ORIGIN. There will be a definitive line drawn to distinguish the standard 616 Universe and the Ultimate Universe.

- The DEADPOOL monthly will be very faithful to the previous series. Daniel is very respectful of what came before.

- Any plans for more horror stories, perhaps a “Zomnibus”? Stay tuned, there may be some things in the works.

- In regards to the New Avengers, will they underground forever, or will the Registration Act be revoked? We can’t speak on it now, but the issue will be addressed.

- YOUNG AVENGERS series 2? Breevort informed us: It’s not quite series two, but Alan Heinberg is working on something that will involve some of the cast, but nothing will be spoken about until all the ducks are in a row.

- Greg Pak said the idea for INCREDIBLE HERCULES came from being challenged to make Hercules cool. He said there was an interesting story to tell about the heroes who would side with the Hulk. Something just works about the relationship between Amadeus Cho and Herc that makes it a great buddy book.

- Does Duane plan to continue doing stories about the Iron Fists of the past when he takes over IMMORTAL IRON FIST? Yeah, there’s actually something he can’t talk about coming up, but those stories were some of his favorite parts of Fraction’s run.

- LONERS is a little bit of a reach for an ongoing.

- Will we see more of the bad-ass, Carnage tearing Sentry, versus the crazy one? Joe said in the case of the Sentry, he’s so all powerful, yet suffers from all these psychological differences, and if he didn’t have those things, he’d be too powerful. Though, there are some very interesting things happening with the Sentry soon.

- No plans for Joss Whedon to write any Spider-Man titles.

- It’s too early to talk about ULTIMATUM, but once the secret from ULTIMATE ORIGIN is revealed, ULTIMATUM springs directly forth from that revelation.

- They’re trying to find that thing that makes Alpha Flight mean something different from the Avengers before they move forward with a book.

- Gravity will be in the INITIATIVE one-shot along with this group, the Heavy Hitters.

- Any plans for Joe to create any more characters like Ash? Not really. Jimmy Palmiotti may be writing more ASH comics, but Joe isn’t sure.

- Iron Fist will not tie-in with Secret Invasion. Inadvertently. Fraction’s last issue cues up Duane’s upcoming run.

- A fan in a Superman shirt asked what he had to do to get an Ultimate Thor mini-series? Breevort joked he had to change his wardrobe. Joe said there’s no guarantees, but there may be something in the works.

- Will Ms. Marvel get a break from getting her ass kicked? Brian Reed said it’s going to get worse as she will be the only hero left in New York to fight the Skrull invasion. And then it gets worse.

- A new MARVEL ADVENTURES book launches in July.

- Pak cannot say where or when the Warbound will reappear, but stay tuned.

- Fred Van Lente finally shows up.

- There will be new Initiative teams revealed in Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona , Florida and New Mexico.

- Any more ICON books down the line? There are some plans, but they’re moving sort of slow. The ICON line probably won’t have more than four books a month.

- After surviving a nuclear explosion in the LOGAN series, is there any end is sight for what Wolverine can’t do? Smoke.

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