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Wizard World Philly ’08: DYNAMITE Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On May - 31 - 2008

Saturday starts off with a bang as we sit in on the DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT panel. Want to know what Brian Reed, Jim Krueger, Greg Hale, Ed Sanchez, Nick Barucci, JB Nash and Robert Napton had to say? Hit the jump to find out.

- DYNAMITE will be doing a BLACKBEARD comic with Robert Napton and the creators of BLAIR WITCH.

- The story will focus on the mystery of Blackbeard’s life outside of his pirate life. According to Hale, “Blackbeard was kind of a trippy dude.”

- Blackbeard will be portrayed as a man fighting against oppression of any kind, only he chooses to do it as a pirate.

- In regards to RED SONJA, Brian Reed said, “I killed her and now I have to clean it up.”

- Expect a FOOT SOLDIERS collection to come sometime later this year.

Panel then opened to questions.

- Barucci says variant covers are made to take up shelf space at the retailers as a form of getting the product visible to as many people as possible.

- A fan asked why XENA never took off as a monthly. Barucci said the artist was more of an issue every 60 or 70 days kind of artist, and they didn’t want to get in the habit of shipping late books.

- They’re experimenting with XENA vs ARMY of DARKNESS to see if there’s a chance for XENA to get a monthly.

- LONE RANGER is not canceled, it’s just running a little behind. Starting in July through the end of the year, LONE RANGER will come out every month.

- DYNAMITE is dying to do a Green Hornet book, but there are some legal issues they are trying to get around. They feel it’s a strong license, and would really like to tie it back into LONE RANGER.

- A fan wanted to know if they planned to market the XENA comic to more than just comic fans. Barucci informed her they have more marketing planned with the trades than with the single issues.

- Any plans to make PROJECT SUPERPOWERS an ongoing? There will be three series launched out of the conclusion of the book, starting with a primer issue for a dollar in September. BLACK TERROR will be the first by Krueger and Mike Lilly. The other two series are still looking for writers.

- PROJECT SUPERPOWERS will continue with another mini-series in 2009, unfortunately with a new #1.

- Krueger said the book took so long to put together since they weren’t just launching a new team book, they were launching a universe.

- Barucci feels blessed that so many great creators want to work on DYNAMITE‘s titles.

- When asked if there was any plan to make any more adventure comics in the vein of LONE RANGER, they said that’s what they were hoping to do with BLACKBEARD. They feel the comic has the opportunity to be a great unique take on classic adventure.

- Matt Wagner originally approached them about doing covers for ZORRO, but ended up actually wanting to help with the writing duties.

- They’re in talks to do THE BOYS statues with Clayburn Moore.

- What did it take to woo Garth to bring THE BOYS to DYNAMITE? A lot of begging and pleading. Nick said he called Garth and made one offer, giving him the exact same deal he had with DC when they dropped the book with no editorial interference. Garth only had one caveat that he got to make the movie or TV deal.

- What’s the status on HIGHLANDER? There will be two specials coming out telling the story of Kurgon. They are shooting for an October 2009 ongoing.

An interesting panel as this was their first panel ever as a publisher. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future?

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