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Wizard World Philly ’08: Secret Invasion Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On May - 31 - 2008

The hits continued Saturday with MARVEL‘s Secret Invasion panel. Even though Dan Slott and Brian Reed tried to turn the panel into a huge game of Simon Says, Joe Quesada, Tom Breevort, Fred Van Lente, CB Cebulski and Greg Pak had other ideas. Want to hear what they were? Then click on in.

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- SECRET INVASION #3 will not be shipping late. Breevort raises two copies of the finished book triumphantly in his hand.

- They reveal the cover to SECRET INVASION #6. Ooohs and aaahs as Bucky Cap, Thor and Iron Man are shown looking for trouble.

- Doug Brathwaite is announced as the SECRET INVASION: THOR artist. He is now MARVEL exclusive.

The panel opens to questions.

- Will Ms. Marvel be helped at all by the Runaways or Young Avengers when the invasion hits New York? For the most part, when the invasion starts, Ms. Marvel is on her own.

- There will be an issue of MIGHTY AVENGERS dealing with when and where Elektra was replaced. You’ll find out which times it was a Skrull and which times the real Elektra appeared.

- Will Nick Fury work with the NEW AVENGERS? Nick will be all over during Secret Invasion. As to after that? Wait and see.

- We will see in upcoming issues how the events of ILLUMINATI #1 set the Secret Invasion in motion.

- Dan Slott said we will see the differences between the different types of Skrulls.

- Will the Dark Phoenix “Who do you trust?” poster be addressed? If there are any Phoenix answers to be found, check SECRET INVASION: X-MEN.

- Will any versions of the Hulk have anything to do with Secret Invasion? Red Hulk is confined to the main book, but Green Hulk may have some involvement.

- Any plans for there to be a collection of the easter eggs that Bendis and the rest of the writers have planted in their books? Probably when everything starts getting collected, you can expect something like that in the extras.

- Are there plans to rehabilitate Jessica Drew after Secret Invasion? That all depends on what state Jessica is in after the saga concludes.

- Any plans for a series explaining what the missing characters were up to during the invasion? We’ll see thing addressed in the main books. No plans for another series.

- Any hints on Nick Fury’s blue and red circled characters? Breevort joked Nick had two pens.

- Any Skrull sleeper agents unaware they are Skrulls? Some of the sleepers are so ingrained that they don’t know they are Skrulls.

- Ever since ILLUMINATI, the Skrulls have specific countermeasures for the members of that group.

- Will Scarlett Witch have anything to do with Secret Invasion? We will see what impact the Skrulls had on House of M, but no specific plans for Wanda to get involved.

- As to whether or not the Hawkeye that died in Avengers Disassembled was a Skrull or the real deal, and Ronin was a Skrull, Breevort said to stay tuned as the answers will come, and he doesn’t want to give too much away.

- Is it possible at the end of the last INCREDIBLE HERCULES, is it possible Athena was just wearing contacts? Anything is possible.

- The God Squad will be passing through Nightmare’s realm in order to get to the Skrull gods.

- There will be a betrayal on the God Squad. Pak and Van Lente said we will see where and when the betrayal began.

- The next storyline in INCREDIBLE HERCULES will be Love and War, with art from Clayton Henry. Herc and Cho will be on opposing sides of a Atlantean war.

- There will be a collection of the online Kinsey comics.

- Mephisto is not a Skrull.

- Will Brand New Day tie into Secret Invasion? Slott joked, “Yes. And buy every issue.” Brian Reed’s SECRET INVASION: SPIDER-MAN will cover all the invasion stuff.

- Will Spidey stay on the Avengers? Yes. Spidey is on the Avengers for the forseeable future.

- Will the baby from Messiah CompleX turn out to be a Skrull? Breevort, “That’d be a kick in the head wouldn’t it.”

- Any chance of the supervillains of Earth getting involved in the fight? Yes, the villains will get involved in the invasion in an interesting way.

- The Thunderbolts will be brought to the frontlines in upcoming months. And you will find in Warren Ellis’ last issue what’s happened with Bullseye.

- It’d be a pretty good time if someone thought Norman Osborn wasn’t doing a good job running Thunderbolts to shoot him in the head. “Whoops, thought he was a Skrull,” Breevort added.

- Will we find out if Jessica’s baby is a baby Skrull or a Skrull pretending to be a baby? The baby will be addressed.

- We may be seeing some Skrull Eternal’s in the immediate future. Pak informed us the Skrulls and Eternals have origins tied to one another, so just keep paying attention.

- “Grey eyed Athena” is often how she is referred to in myth, but maybe Goddess just wanted to change it up. Pak then stated we would see some Athena related answers soon in that book.

- More NEXTWAVE stories are completely up to Warren Ellis’ whims. If he finds time to do it again, there will be, but as of now, nothing is up.

- There may be something in the works for a Doctor Strange series.

- Do the Skrulls have an Infinity Gem? Keep reading.

- Will any of Earth’s shapeshifters infiltrate the Skrulls? Breevort: “That’s a good idea, isn’t it?”

- Pak can’t say enough how incredible Ron Garney’s art is on SKAAR.

- Is Dan DiDio a Skrull? Quesada: “I just don’t know.”

- Both NOVA and GUARDIANS of the GALAXY will have tie-in issues to Secret Invasion.

- Will any sleeper Skrulls reject their programming? We’ve already seen it already in Captain Marvel, but there will be more of that happening.

Stay tuned for more MARVEL news when we hit Cup of Joe later.

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