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Wizard World Philly ’08: ASPEN Panel

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On May - 31 - 2008

There’s a whole lot of panels happening at Wizard World Philly today! Join us as we cover the Aspen Comics panel, featuring Peter Steigerwald, J.T. Krul, Micah Gunnell, Ale Garza, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, and Frank Mastromauro. Hit the jump for more!

-The panel starts off with Peter having everyone shout “ALOHA!” really loud. Hope we freaked out everyone at the DC panel next door.

-First announcement: Michael Turner is not present because he is recooperating from major cancer surgery, and is slowly recovering. He is getting ready to return to work eventually.

-Time for questions from the audience:

-Any new properties coming out? Keeping in mind that Aspen is a very small company, yes, but when the time is right.

-Any chance of doing a crossovers with other companies? Nope. Though they’ve been approached, they haven’t been interested.

-The audience is out of questions and waiting for the artwork slideshow. Too bad the computer is not working right. The panel starts asking each other questions.

-The writers are asked (by Peter) which editor is more fun to work with. “They’re both really cool…”

-How many in-house artists do they have? None officially, but they’ve got about five artists that are only working for them at the moment.

-Goals of the company? Main goal is to continue to do the comics they love. Also, keeping the friendship strong amongst everyone at Aspen; since the company is so small, they’re all very close. Hopefully the company will get bigger someday, but for now they’re fine being small.

-Another computer is brought in so that the slide show can begin. Any minute now…

-A child or dying animal or something is making a whole lot of noise outside, making it difficult to hear about EKOS, IRIS, and SOULFIRE.

-We get a look at some artwork from upcoming projects.

-Aspen also does a series based off of the TV show Heroes, and some of their characters may be making it into the actual show. Wait, that show wasn’t canceled?

-Their Kiani statue won “Statue of the Year”, a prestigious industry award.

-They made a variant cover to Marvel’s ULTIMATE ORIGINS #1 that will be hard to find. They also show an X-MEN cover that they wanted to premiere at this panel, but Marvel already did so earlier today.

-The panel is asked what their creative process is like. “Kind of like third grade.” Hey, sounds like Gamervision! I bet we have more nerf guns than they do.

-Oh great, the internet craps out for a few minutes. I guess that’s what happens when you steal the internet instead of paying $100 a day for it. My bad. It’s back now at any rate, just in time for the last questions of the panel.

-What comic books do they like besides their own? Green Lantern, Spider-man, 100 BULLETS, big stories like SECRET INVASION and FINAL CRISIS, the Hulk, Y: THE LAST MAN.

-How do they decide how long each story is going to run? It depends on how the story goes, they kind of figure it out as they go along.

-What’s their office like? “It’s a boy office… it smells like feet.”

-And with that, we give one more “ALOHA!” and the panel ends.

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