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Wizard World Philly ’08: Day Two

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On May - 31 - 2008

I spent most of the second day of Wizard World severely under-caffeinated and wishing for a good cup of coffee. Day Two was busier than yesterday, with more panels, more people to talk to, and more crowds. Hit the jump for a recap of the day’s events.

Day Two can be summarized as a series of panels with short breaks in between. We started out at the DYNAMITE Panel, which we covered over here.

Next, Luke and I split up so that he could catch the MARVEL Secret Invasion panel, while I headed over to see what the guys from ASPEN had to say.

Break for lunch? Not today! Instead we caught the afternoon panels: DC Crisis Now, TOP COW Herd it Through the Bovine (cute, TOP COW, real cute), MARVEL Cup of Joe (man, I need coffee), and the TriForce panel. Good times, especially when a chainsaw-gun-wielding Cole Train flipped out on some nonexistent Locusts.

Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play. When we got a few minutes between panels, we hit the floor and chatted with some convention-goers, particularly the ones in neat costumes. Take a look at our new friends.

One thing we didn’t have any time for is shopping. That’s probably for the best, since we already spent a million billion dollars yesterday. One more day of Wizard World Philly remains. Stay tuned to TheQuarterbin for the last day of coverage and lots more nerdy goodness.

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