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Wizard World Philly ’08: DC’s Crisis Now Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On May - 31 - 2008

Want to know how much of a crisis DC really is in? Find out what Shane Davis, Tom Derenick, Art Baltazar, Ethan Van Sciver, Franco, Jim Calafiore, Jimmy Palmiotti and Dan DiDio after the jump.

- Many boos for the death of Martian Manhunter.

- Thank God Dan DiDio is here. The energy is doubled from yesterday’s lackluster panel.

- FINAL CRISIS will not tie into regular books. Any story that has to be told is getting a one-shot or mini-series.

- SUPERMAN BEYOND will not only be in 3-D for us, but for Superman as well. His eyes will apparently be in 3-D focus throughout the adventure.

- The page of Killer Croc fighting Batwoman in REVELATIONS is supposedly really good. (It’s Philip Tan. No kidding.)

- The crowd really likes the DC weekly comic. DiDio acknowledged somethings didn’t always work, but the purpose of the weekly comic is to give you something to look forward to every week with the same creative team.

- RANN/THANAGAR: HOLY WAR is DC‘s big spacefaring blockbuster, where REIGN in HELL will be the mystery/horror blockbuster.

- Keith Giffen’s version of DC’s Hell is very “HR Geiger on acid” according to Tom Derenick.

- BATGIRL will be written by Adam Beechen. Batgirl will be at odds with the Bat-Family, particularly Nightwing.

- Calafiore really likes Batgirl’s creepiness.

- Jimmy Palmiotti restated everything he said yesterday about Jonah Hex.

- Ethan Van Sciver is hard at work on Blackest Night. Everything happening in the Lantern titles will lead nicely into the big story next year.

- Some of the original Titans will be gracing the pages of TITANS soon.

- Jimmy joked there’ll be two things you’ll really enjoy in POWER GIRL.

- Art and Franco joked they just created 53 new Earths for TINY TITANS. Issue seven sees the tiny ones heading to Starfire’s home planet to clean her room.

The panel opened to questions.

- The events will not be tied in simultaneously, but rather ramifications will be felt from all the books at the conclusion of FINAL CRISIS.

- Any chance of Connor Kent showing up in TINY TITANS? Only in their hearts.

- Jim Shooter is scheduled for a minimum of a year’s worth of stories on LEGION.

- A disgruntled Toy Man fan was unhappy with Johns’ treatment of the character in ACTION COMICS.

- Any chance of VERTIGO Hell and DC Hell being tied together? DiDio: “No chance in hell.”

- TRINITY probably has more than a year’s worth of stories.

- When asked why they waited until FINAL CRISIS to kill Martian Manhunter instead of doing it in COUNTDOWN, DiDio responded by saying he wanted us to buy a whole new book.

- A fan questioned the aging of certain characters and why certain ones never age, but Nightwing and Red Arrow have. DiDio said only three characters can’t age: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. The goal is to tell stories for everyone.

- When asked who their favorite redheaded characters were, most gave straight answers, but Jimmy said Power Girl, and joked, “We’re gonna have some fun with this book.”

- When will we see a YOUNG JUSTICE trade? No plans right now.

- Any chance of a Sodam Yat min-series? We have to get through the Blackest Night first.

- Any Batzarro plans? DiDio: “Not a bad idea at all. If anything happens, check SUPERMAN/BATMAN since that’s the book to do it in.

- Any chance of saying where Batman is going? Batman dies.

- A fan questioned the safety of the Ryan Choi version of the Atom. DiDio: “He’s safe.”

- Any further plans to develop Dr. Fate? They want to let the character sit for a little, but they want to do more with the character.

- You will see more of Batwoman in the coming months across the DC Universe.

- Any plans to bring back Static Shock? DiDio would love to have him a part of the DC Universe, but he’s owned by another company right now.

- Will we see Chris Kent again? Yes. Absolutely.

- What role will Barry Allen play in CRISIS? If Barry ever came back, it would be in the middle of
a crisis. But the story would concern all Flashes, not just Barry. Ethan Van Sciver was very on edge when DiDio pass the question to him. “Don’t ask me this question Dan.” (Van Sciver drawing Flash?)

- Van Sciver on PLASTIC MAN has been shelved. Again he emphasized he won’t talk about the project that took its place. (Van Sciver is more than likely drawing a Flash related book)

- Hawkman will have a special following the Rann/Thanagar war. If there’s enough interest, maybe a series will follow.

- Barry Allen is coming back. (By the look on Van Sciver’s face, not too happy this was spilled. All signs are pointing to this nameless book being the secret project teaming Van Sciver with Gail Simone)

- Barbara Gordon will never walk again.

- Harvey Dent is coming back.

DiDio really makes these DC panels.

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