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Wizard World Philly ’08: TRIFORCE Panel

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On May - 31 - 2008

Due to Wizard scheduling too many panels at the same time, today I had to make a tough choice: hear about zombie survival from expert Max Brooks or check out the TriForce panel and get a sneak peek at some Gears of War 2 prop replicas (as well as getting to see special guest Lester “Cole Train” Speight)? Yup, it’s gotta be TriForce. Hit the jump for more.

-Gears 2 “footage” (as advertised by the Wizard website) is shown first. Why don’t I have a video camera? Oh wait, it’s the same trailer they showed at New York Comic Con and GDC. I guess it’s still pretty cool.

-I lied, here comes the actual gameplay! There’s a video intro by Cliffy B and early campaign gameplay from “Act One, Chapter Three”. To the surprise of no one, the game looks effing amazing. The footage shows Marcus on a derrick being assaulted by Locusts and another fiends. It’s kinda bloody.

-Freaking Cole Train appears out of nowhere in full costume with a prototype chainsaw gun, shouting something about Locusts. It’s pretty awesome.

-Someone asks how much the TriForce replica armor will weigh. Armor has considerable weight, but is very hard and sturdy. Not costume armor, will be pricey, but you get what you pay for.

-“Lamborghinis of armor” according to TriForce President.

-What was it like meeting Cliffy B? “I couldn’t ask for a better friend.”

-Rights to the Gears movie have been sold, it’s definitely in the works, but TriForce cannot comment about whether or not they are involved with the prop-making.

-They’ve done armor for other games, they don’t only focus on one game or company when making products.

-Plans beyond Gears of Wars for TriForce? “I hope so, I don’t want my life to end with Gears of War.” A lot of licenses are carefully being looked at, but Gears is primary motivation at the moment. “I’m sure there’ll be many, many more.”

-When did TriForce approach Epic with the idea? When the game was released in November 2006, with the models being done three months later.

-Random outburst from Cole Train. He’s great.

-TriForce and Cole Train met up at a convention and have been working together ever since.

-The video shows a focus on Dom, will there be anything for Cole Train? “Can’t talk about it, but you will not be disappointed.” Cole: “We can talk about it November 16.”

-Cole Train knocks something over on stage while stomping around. Now he’s dual-wielding two guns! This guy is totally stealing the show.

-Ideas for other weapons? Cole Train: “MORE GUNS!” TriForce is working on many replica weapons from Gears.

-Cole’s favorite line that he recorded in Gears? “Can’t stop the train, baby!”

-TriForce is going to try and make high-end products at not-so-high-end prices. They also pride themselves on their quick turnaround time, so customers don’t have to wait as long for their products after ordering.

-Carmine shows up to join the party, then promptly disappears. And like that, the panel is over. Look for Gears 2 in November!

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