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Wizard World Philly ’08: AVATAR PRESS Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 1 - 2008

Sunday morning AVATAR PRESS opened our eyes to the latest news about their upcoming titles. Hit the jump to see what Mike Wolfer and William Christensen had to say.

- BLACK SUMMER has been the biggest seller for them.

- NO HERO #0 and BLACK SUMMER #7 both ship in June.

- Christensen thanked Warren Ellis for ANNA MERCURY, which Warren has agreed to do a sequel to with Fecundo Percio.

- They are working through the late shipping problems of DOKTOR SLEEPLESS by taking a few skip months a year. Expect about 9 or 10 issues a year instead of 12.

- The first DOKTOR SLEEPLESS trade, collecting the first 8 issues, will be out late September/early October.

- The ongoing GRAVEL series came about from Garth Ennis telling Christensen STRANGE KILLINGS was his favorite series, and saying it should be a monthly.

- GRAVEL comes out about from a seven or eight page short story Warren Ellis writes for each issue, then Wolfer adapts it into a 22 page comic.

- GRAVEL: NEVER A DULL DAY will be a hardcover collecting all the previous mini-series the character appeared in. A one time print run of 2000 copies, 576 pages, each signed by both Ellis and Wolfer for $90. Christensen: “You could kill a baby with it.” The book will debut at Wizard Chicago.

- They are trying to work out a way to live feed Warren’s panel from the upcoming Chicago show on the Whitechapel message board.

- Warren’s free webcomic, FREAKANGELS, supposedly has a four or five year run. The first collection will be out in December.

- WOLFSKIN Annual will be out next month. Christensen described the book as “Conan with balls.” The Annual will lead into a new six issue series this fall.

- BLACK SUMMER will be collected this fall.

- STREETS of GLORY will be traded this winter.

- Christensen described AETHERTIC MECHANICS as “Sherlock Holmes mixed with steampunk overtones… There are giant robots destroying Victorian England, and that’s just the background…”

- There’s a new Alan Moore book coming out that will be fully painted. No announcement will be made until the book is completely finished. Expect it in early 2009.

- NEONOMICON by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows won’t see the light of day until 2009. Alan Moore will be doing his version of HP Lovecraft. Christensen: “This is truly unfiltered Alan. It’s really fucked up.”

- STREETS of GLORY is so different from anything Wolfer has worked on. “Switching gears to a Western was a little jarring… The things that Garth has me doing to horses…”

- The last issue of STREETS of GLORY will be double-sized and out in time for San Diego Comic Con.

- Expect more CHRONICLES of WORMWOOD sometime in 2009.

- “The worst things we could do to a school bus of children… I’m having so much fun doing this,” is how Christensen described Ennis’ CROSSED.

- CROSSED #0 will be out at SDCC. The actual first issue will come out in October. The book is everything Garth has wanted to do at every other publisher, but they all said no.

- Max Brooks’ ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE: RECORDED ACTS, a 170+ page graphic novel, will be coming out through RANDOM HOUSE in October.

Panel then opened to questions.

- There’s a Doktor Sleepless bust with a plasma globe debuting at Wizard Chicago, along with the Anna Mercury bust.

- How did AVATAR attract Ellis and Ennis? Christensen said he’d known Ellis for nearly 10 years, and after they finally got STRANGE KISS published, everything expanded from there. Ellis then introduced him to Ennis, and the rest followed suit.

- Christensen said he liked working with young artists as they haven’t learned all the bad things bad editors would have taught them.

- Why haven’t any of the artists left AVATAR? Wolfer joked: “An incredibly binding contract.” Christensen that it’s rare for an artist to get offered the chance to work with the writers AVATAR has, so they stay for the collaborations.

- The backmatter from DOKTOR SLEEPLESS will not be in the trades.

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    [...] Neither of the big two (MARVEL, DC) had any big announcements or panels today, and that enabled us to spend some time with smaller publishers. We got to hang out with William Christiansen and Mike Wolfer from AVATAR PRESS, and man was that a great little panel. I love most of the books they put out, and you can find out what they had to say over here. [...]

    Posted on June 1st, 2008 at 7:28 PM

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