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Wizard World Philly ’08: Look Ahead With NECA Panel

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 1 - 2008

After seeing the Gears of War figures at the New York Comic Con, you could say we became enamored (others would say obsessed) with NECA and their products. Find out just what Randy Falk and crew had to say about future licenses and figures after the jump.

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More computer difficulties setting up. Lord knows this didn’t happen at any other panels. Oh…

The computer difficulties led to the Q and A happening first.

- Any plans for more Shaun of the Dead figures? “Zombie Ed” will be the last figure from that line. No plans for a Hot Fuzz line.

- The “Head Shot Locust” will be available later this year. Randy went on to say how difficult it is to come up with something had hasn’t been done before. He added that nothing was official yet, but there are talks the variant figure will be part of a Gears of War 2 Special Edition from either Game Stop or Amazon.

- There will also be a Marcus chainsawing a Locust set in the same style with giant blood spurts. (We will have pictures of this as soon as NECA passes them along. It’s bad-ass.)

- They’re testing the waters on more Labyrinth figures. They were unsure whether the market buying the previous figures were David Bowie fans or Jim Henson fans. They want to branch out to more fantasy since Randy feels horror is being done to death.

The computer is up and running, and their slide presentation begins.

- TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES is probably the most popular line in the states.

- A black and white version, emulating the original colored style of the comic, of the TMNT line will be out in August. San Diego will be the first appearance of the villain line.

- The Joey Ramone figure just came out and they are trying to get the rights to the rest of the band, specifically Johnny.

- SDCC will see an exclusive bronze Conan the Barbarian, Gears of War’s Carmine, a half-visible/half-cloaked Predator and Mousers from TMNT.

- There will be a boxed set of the Gears of War figures later this summer at a cheaper price than if buying them separately. Comes with an exclusive Hammer of Dawn and helmeted Locust.

- New Jareth and Hoggle set from Labyrinth due in July.

- Gremlins boxed set with Gizmo, a generic and striped Gremlin will be out later and if it does well they plan more based on Gremlins 2.

- “War Paint” Conan will see the light of day as well as “Pit Fighter” Conan around the start of August.

- Harry Potter figures in time for the new movie. Boxed set of Dumbledore, Young Harry and the Fawkes the Phoenix.

- NECA will bring Ninja Gaiden 2’s Ryu out later this year with more than 30 parts of articulation.

- A 12-inch Beetlejuice will be available with sound from the film in time for Halloween.

- “Crab Walk” Regan (Exorcist), Stuntman Mike (Death Proof), Chamberlain (Dark Crystal) and “Red Tux” Beetlejuice available in the next Cult Classics line.

- A new translucent Slimer in time for the new Ghostbusters video game. When asked about actual Ghostbusters, Randy said they don’t have the rights to the actors but are trying.

- 12-inch Marcus Fenix with LED lights in the armor and one with sound from the game will be coming in time for Gears of War 2.

- Gears of War Series Two should be out in September. The series will consist of Dom, Baird, Theron Guard with and without helmet, and another (repainted) Marcus since he’s selling at a 5:1 pace to the figures in Series One.

- “Bedridden Regan” (Exorcist) will be out sometime in the future (’09) which will vibrate and hopefully have full head rotation. Pea soup will be a detachable accessory. Randy said it will look just like the film minus the priests.

- Prototype main character Alex will be out in time for the game.

- Randy mentioned the reason Prototype was delayed had something to do with Grand Theft Auto IV doing such a ridiculously fantastic job of recreating New York the Prototype team felt they needed to step up their game.

- Bionic Commando’s Rad Spencer will be out around the time the game ships. The arm itself has over 20 pieces. Very highly detailed.

- New Lara Croft to be out in conjunction with the new game, Tomb Raider Underworld. Hopefully.

- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Series One will consist of Harry, Mad Eye Moody, Ginny and Draco Malfoy.

- General Raam (Gears of War) will be out by the end of the year.

- Gears of War minor character, Kim, will be available at the same time as Raam.

- Full size Lancer replica with LED and vibration out in time for Gears of War 2.

- NECA has acquired the Street Fighter 4 license. Expect tons and tons of articulation and phenomenally detailed sculpts.

The panel then opened back up to questions.

- When asked about Harry Potter figures that had been finished but were not part of a line yet (Weasley twins), Randy said pending JK Rowling’s approval, they hoped to have one saga based figure in each series of the Half Blood Prince line that weren’t from that particular movie.

- They would love to get the licenses to Stephen King stuff like Carrie, It and The Stand, but its off limits.

- They couldn’t get any more licenses for Conan other than Arnold. They wanted a Thulsa Doom and Valeria, but couldn’t get likeness rights. Apparently no one has even been able to get a hold of the actress who originally played Valeria for months.

- If they exhaust all the different options from Conan the Barbarian, they may look into Conan the Destroyer, but the line will mostly consist of different Arnolds from Barbarian.

- Any plans for Serenity/Firefly? Unfortunately the market just isn’t there, as the box office showed, which is a shame since they’re big fans.

- They plan to do the TMNT series as long as they can. Eastman and Laird have been really cool.

- There could possibly be a COG Soldier box set with Jack, the door cutting robot, down the line.

- The people who hold the rights to Thundercats are holding on so tightly nobody can get the rights.

- Any plans for Gears of War 2 figures? They’re not allowed to show us anything yet, but yeah, they’re coming.

We’ll have more pictures of all the other awesome things NECA announced coming later this week.

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  1. NECA planning on GB game Slimer and beyond : Said,

    [...] at spotted blog coverage of a Q&A with Randy Falk and co. at NECA – during the questions it was revealed that they are apparently [...]

    Posted on June 8th, 2008 at 7:00 PM

  2. alabaster stone Said,

    I got the Conan (coloured) statues from Neca and they are fantasic. It does say on the packaging that they are series 1, so does that mean that series 2 is on the Horizon?

    Posted on October 7th, 2008 at 5:26 PM

  3. Luke Brown Said,

    NECA has said they have plans for more Arnold-based figures. No word on the timeline, but expect at least one or two more figures to come out.

    Posted on October 7th, 2008 at 9:13 PM

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