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Crisis Averted: An Interview With JG Jones

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 4 - 2008

It was the interview that almost didn’t happen. Wizard World Philadelphia was a busy event for all the creators, and lucky for us DC made sure that no matter what obstacle the event staff threw at us, we would get to talk with artist JG Jones.

As the cover artist on DC‘s weekly event comic, 52, JG made his name a household one. His work on WANTED made that book more enjoyable than it should have been. Now, as artist on DC‘s blockbuster event FINAL CRISIS, JG is cementing his status as one of comicdom’s best artists. Hit the jump to see what he had to say in our few minutes with him.

In FINAL CRISIS, there’s very rapid change from scene to scene. As the “cinematographer” of this book, do you look to that challenge?

Anytime I work with Grant [Morrison] I have to step my game up. He knows what I can deliver, so he’s always amping it up, seeing if he can push me further. It’s a roller-coaster ride.

Having worked with you before, Grant knows what you’re capable of. When you get a script from him, how much of the layout of a scene does he leave up to you? Does he ever give you specific guidelines or is it all pretty much up to you?

It’s usually up to me, but sometimes he has very specific story ideas in mind, and he’ll ask me to do a specific page layout or grid. I just did a spread of three pages that were in a 9-panel grid because he wanted to change the speed of the action. He’ll give me little things like that, or a certain layout that he likes. Other than that, he just gives me the script and lets me go.

As far as Grant’s concerned, you know he’s going to be pushing everything to the limit. Was there anything he threw at you where you said, “I did not expect to be drawing this,” during the process?

We talked about it all in advance, so I sort of knew what was coming up. I have to be on my game because we go from the docks of Metropolis to deep space and alien cities within the turn of two pages, so I just have to be ready to do anything and everything.

Last one. Which book of yours do you want to be somebody’s first?

Hmm. I think MARVEL BOY. That’s one of my favorite books. It was just a great, interesting stand-alone little read. I’m really proud of that book.

You can find FINAL CRISIS #1 in stores now. WANTED, if you hadn’t heard, was adapted to a movie coming out soon. The comic is available from TOP COW. MARVEL BOY and BLACK WIDOW are both available from MARVEL. You can find any of these books at your local comic shop.

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