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Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On June - 10 - 2008

Yesterday, TheQuarterbin gave you guys a sneak preview of LADY PENDRAGON #1, the second of six Pilot Season books and a revival of Matt Hawkins’ series from the late 1990s. Hit the jump for the full review of LADY PENDRAGON, brought to you by TOP COW.

Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist: Eru
Cover Artist: Drew Struzan

LADY PENDRAGON is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic story that borrows elements from the legend of King Arthur to tell a brand new Sword in the Stone tale. Our heroine is Jennifer Drake (Jennifer… Guinevere… get it?), a writer who enjoyed living a quiet, solitary life–until the day that scientists discovered a sword entrapped in a stone on the planet Mars, complete with Latin inscriptions that, when translated, were discovered to be from Jennifer’s novels. She was then recruited to pull the sword out of the rock in which it was embedded, at which point all hell breaks loose, powerful magic is unleashed, billions of people are killed, and Jennifer becomes a reluctant leader of the survivors. And that’s only the first few pages!

The first part of the story, which mainly serves to bring the reader up to speed, moves really fast, almost to the point of feeling rushed. It was never enough to make me feel lost or want to stop reading, but ten years of backstory is a lot to go through in only a handful of pages. Luckily, Jennifer’s narration, which is very well written, helps the reader keep up with the fast pace of the story.

Personally, I love updated versions of epic stories, provided that they’re done well, of course. Hawkins does a good job of intertwining well-known elements from the legends with other familiar themes, such as faith vs. lack of faith, and magic vs. technology. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but Hawkins takes all of these different thematic elements and weaves them into his own unique tale.

Of course, we can’t forget the lovely artwork delivered by artist Eru. His depictions of magic and war are really beautiful. I was particularly fond of his dragons, and they appeared exactly as they should: mythical, epically huge beasts that mere humans should approach with fear and awe. Eru also does a fantastic job with the magical elements of the story, making the spells look natural and believable.

Overall, despite some pacing issues, I think that longtime fans of LADY PENDRAGON will not be disappointed in the latest issue. However, the story is also approachable enough that new readers will be able to jump in and start reading. This is only the second of six Pilot Season books, so stay tuned to see if LADY PENDRAGON makes it through to one of the two coveted spots in the TOP COW line-up.

LADY PENDRAGON #1 will be in stores tomorrow, June 11.

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