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APOCALIPSTIX Embark on End of the World Tour

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On June - 12 - 2008

Ever since hearing about ONI PRESS‘s upcoming original graphic novel, APOCALIPSTIX, at New York Comic Con back in April, I have been completely psyched about it. ONI sent along a press release and brief preview of the book, which will be available next month. I can’t wait! Hit the jump to read more.


The APOCALIPSTIX are burning through the smoldering remains of America, sidestepping the twisted carnage of buildings and bodies, to bring the music back to the mayhem!

The Apocalipstix were on top of the world, when a nuclear bomb turned the world upside down. But Mandy, Meg and Dot have survived the blast, retrieved their instruments and are currently working their way across the countryside searching for survivors and supplies, and rocking every chance they get!

“Apocalipstix is an example of what happens when great minds meet the awesome and then decide to make a comic book about it,” said Editor in Chief James Lucas Jones. “We think it adds that extra bit of brilliance to our already incredible summer line-up.”

Written by Ray Fawkes, (MNEMOVORE), and illustrated by Cameron Stewart (SEAGUY, CATWOMAN), THE APOCALIPSTIX offers a less-depressing view of devastation, and envisions a rockin’ post-apocalyptic teenage wasteland.

“Sure, in the aftermath of a nuclear war, people are going to be fighting over food. But people with rock in their souls are also going to be fighting over guitar strings,” added Managing Editor Randal Jarell. “A Gibson Flying V might be the most important tool in mankind’s next chapter.”

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