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Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s three-issue mini-series about a retired CIA operative is now in the works to be a film. Hit the jump to see just who’ll be bringing Warren’s words to the silver screen.

For the very first time, a DC property will be made outside of Warner Brothers when Summit Entertainment brings RED to the screen. The good news: Erich and John Hoeber, the brothers who adapted Greg Rucka’s WHITEOUT, will be writing the adaptation. The bad news: They’ve already changed the plot to focus on an older operative competing with younger ones, instead of Ellis’ original plot where the retired operative is targeted for assassination.

You can find out more from the Hollywood Reporter here. Personally, I think anytime Warren Ellis has a work adapted to film it’s a good thing. Though no director or actors are attached at this time, I’m looking forward to seeing who they line up for roles in this film. We’ll keep you updated as more breaks, so stay tuned.

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