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SABBATH Collection Benefits Creator

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 12 - 2008

DEVIL’S DUE will be bringing a collection of Matthew Tomao and Josh Medors’ SABBATH to store shelves this summer. Hit the jump to scope some cover art, as well as finding out how your purchase of this collection can help ailing creator, Josh Medors.

In a world where church and state have cast a shadow over every walk of life, humanity’s last hope is a dead man in search of redemption for his life of sin. This August, writer Matthew Tomao and artist Josh Medors present their original epic Sabbath: All Your Sins Reborn in a fully bound graphic novel from Devil’s Due and Hypergraphia Comics.

Sabbath: All Your Sins Reborn, a story begun in the pages of the sold-out series Pogrom, will collect previously released chapters with never-before seen installments. Sabbath follows the quest of Inquisitor General Sabbath’s resurrection and battle with the avatars of the seven deadly sins. In order to reclaim his lost humanity, Sabbath journeys through a futuristic, post-apocalyptic world unlike anything seen before.

In the horrific spirit of Hellraiser and historically rooted conspiracy of The Da Vinci Code, “Sabbath has been described as a renaissance in horror,” said creator Matt Tomao. “I hope fans enjoy the epic, as depicted through Josh Medors’ terrifying pen strokes”

Throughout production, Medors, who was essential in designing and igniting Sabbath visually, has been battling cancer with an ongoing series of treatments. A portion of all profits from the trade will go directly toward Medors’ medical bills.

“Josh Medors’ endearing commitment to provide the best product possible, on time no less, in light of his agonizing struggle with cancer, is an inspiration to us all,” said Tomao.

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