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Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On June - 16 - 2008

Last week, I gave you guys a little taste of THE APOCALIPSTIX, an original graphic novel published by ONI PRESS to be released next month. Well, I just read my advanced copy, so hit the jump to find out how hard it rocked.

Writer: Ray Fawkes
Artist: Cameron Stewart

I went into this book already excited about it, as I had been since first hearing about it at ONI‘s panel at New York Comic Con. I may have even unfairly implied that this was the only upcoming ONI book that I found promising, which is not at all true. It’s just that THE APOCALIPSTIX stood out the most because it sounded like it was written specifically with me in mind.

The premise of APOCALIPSTIX is as thus: Mandy, Megumi, and Dot make up an all-girl rock band that were on their way to the top when a nuclear apocalypse wiped out a whole lot of the planet’s population and destroyed civilization as we know it. The band survives and decides to go on an “end of the world tour”, meaning that they just want to keep rocking out. After all, what else is there to do? Of course, along the way they face common post-apocalyptic hiccups like having to fight for fuel and supplies, and fending off mutated insects, among other things.

Mandy, Meg, and Dot are all well-written characters with distinctly different personalities and excellent dialogue. Though the first part of the story reminded me a bit of the early issues of Y: THE LAST MAN, the tone is less serious and more humorous. Ray Fawkes did a great job with the story, as well as creating some really interesting characters and putting a new spin on the old “end of the world” story. Comics set post-apocalypse are nothing new, but Fawkes managed to pull it off well with a really fun twist.

Cameron Stewart also needs to be commended for his artwork on THE APOCALIPSTIX. As previously noted, the book is black and white, but Stewart does a lot without color. I particularly loved his depiction of the big Battle of the Bands-style concert; the music, the excitement, and the chaos are all drawn to be completely believable with barely any dialogue.

I only really had one problem with the whole book; I thought the second chapter dragged on a little long. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the girls are very isolated throughout the entire segment, and have a serious obstacle to overcome–which is fine. However, near the end it does start to feel a little repetitive, and I was ready to move on with the story. Definitely not a major issue, though; you’re still going to want to keep reading.

At the end, I was left wanting more and wishing Volume Two was here already. THE APOCALIPSTIX was every bit the fun, enjoyable read I hoped it would be. The only problem is that now I feel even more impatient than I did when I first heard about the book. I want more, guys! And I want it now! As for everyone else, you should definitely make sure to pre-order this at your local comic shop to make sure you get yourself a copy. You’re going to want one.

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