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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 17 - 2008

For comics shipping 06.18.08 or The Week The Shoe Finally Dropped On Final Crisis. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively, no doubt about it need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.

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DC Comics

Scalped #18

After “Dead Mothers” shook all the characters to their core, Jason Aaron brings a respite in this issue following the one good cop on the reservation, Chief Falls Down. RM Guera takes a break for a few issues, and while those pencils will be missed, Davide Furno should be more than up to the task. If you haven’t been reading this book, and for the life of me I don’t know why you’re not, this is the week to pick it up. $2.99 gets you a fresh start and more importantly, a great book.

Trinity #3

Three weeks into DC’s newest weekly book, and already the forums on various sites are ablaze condemning this book and its slow start. It’s the third issue. Calm down. Busiek and Bagley have never disappointed any of us before, and now that they’re teamed up, what makes you think it’ll be any different? I know there’s still a bad taste in many mouths from Countdown. This book has a much more consistent feel and direction, so just give it some time. Like most books, this one’ll set you back $2.99. Unlike most books, this one has Mark Bagley drawing DC’s best.


Guardians of the Galaxy #2

I’m really glad I took my own advice and picked up the first issue of this series. Hopefully, you took my advice, and were just as happy. The second issue of one of the more entertaining books on the shelves drops this week, and by the looks of that cover, it appears the Guardians will be crossing paths with one of the more recognizable icons in the Marvel universe. Don’t take my word for it, check out this preview pages:

Pick up the book for $2.99, and uncover the secrets therein.

Incredible Hercules #118

The “Sacred Invasion” continues, and Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente continue their run on this “more fun than it should be” book. If you would’ve told me two years ago I’d be reading a Hercules solo book today, and recommending it as a must-read, I’da kicked you right in the junk and called you a jerkass. Instead, here we are today, and every month I spend $2.99 following the adventures of the mythical Greek hero. I suggest you start doing the same, or I may amend my plan to kick you in the junk for not reading this book.

Wolverine #66

Mark Millar and Steve McNiven reunite tomorrow for “Old Man Logan.” While I’m a bit curious why this isn’t a mini like Brian Vaughn’s Logan was, I’m absolutely going to be picking this up. Millar has been very hit or miss lately, and I’m not as high on McNiven’s pencils as many others are (he’s good, I just don’t think he’s JR JR good), but teaming the two together on a story about Logan being the sole survivor of some horrible superhero disaster 50 years in the future seems like a can’t miss. And I did say “seems.” Take the $2.99 gamble with me this week.

Trade Paperbacks/Hardcover of the Week

Killing Girl Vol. 1

The story of a prostitute who becomes an assassin may seem paint by the numbers to you, but Frank Espinosa (Rocketo) and Toby Cypress bring pages to life in a way that is anything but by the numbers. Centering around an assassin named Sara whose memories come flooding back on a hit gone wrong, Killing Girl has an artistic style so fresh and kinetic, you can’t help but keep turning the pages. There’s just about 150 pages in this collection costing $14.99. For ten cents a page, you better believe this is a must buy. If you don’t believe me, flip through the first few pages at the shop and see for yourself why this is a purchase.

The Umbrella Academy Vol. 1

Dark Horse caught lightning in a bottle with this book. Sure all the My Chemical Romance fans were going to pick it up since the band’s lead singer, Gerard Way, was writing it. But let it be known this book is so much more than the angst ridden words of a rock singer brought to life. The world Way created is so fucked up, it’s beautiful. Though, most of that beauty comes from the pencils of Gabriel Ba. The guy can flat out draw the hell out of some messed up situations. This book collects six issues following the reunion of a disenfranchised family of heroes. Let the story speak for itself and check this out for $17.95. And yes, I’m aware I recommended two trades this week. It’s a light week, and there were easily three or four weeks where I recommended no trades at all. Hell, this week there was probably two or three more I would’ve recommended as well, but I’m trying to be easy on your pockets.

See you next week.

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