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DCU MMO Details Emerge

Posted by Luke Brown On June - 27 - 2008

It was announced a few years back. Now, one month before E3 and the San Diego Comic Con, details are starting to leak out about Sony’s planned DC MMO. Hit the jump to see what just what’s up, and what Jim Lee has to say about the project keeping him so busy for the last 3 years.

According to Eurogamer, it appears some new details have emerged about the DC MMO Sony has been working on for the past few years. While these “new” details amount to you being able to choose your powers, play PvP or PvE, level up and engage with actual DC stars like Superman and Batman, it may not seem all that Earth shattering at first glance. Until this little gem from DC slave… I mean artist, Jim Lee.

We can tie-in future DC tentpole events and translate the stories for the gaming world, and have them occur simultaneously…

Okay, so now we’ve got a bit of an idea what the DC version of raids may be like. While we can’t actually be any of the copyrighted heroes in the DC universe, standing side by side with the Green Lantern Corps fighting off the Sinestro Corps as they try to invade Earth would pretty much make my life complete.

While I highly doubt you’ll be able to play through say, Final Crisis, as it occurs, the possibilities for epic storylines are indeed endless, as there’s so much history to draw upon. The sad part is there’s still no actual release date, but fret not true believers! TheQuarterbin has learned Sony is claiming they have “something up their capes” for us at E3. Well, I wonder what that could be? Guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to our parent site to see what secrets we can get Sony to spill when we attend E3 next month.

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