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Marc Silvestri on the Passing of Michael Turner

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 1 - 2008

Out of respect for Michael Turner, we feel the need to share what Marc Silvestri had to say about his long time friend and peer.


I’ve been fortunate in life that I’ve never experienced the loss of someone close to me. That fortune has changed and the feeling is unlike any I have ever experienced. This past weekend the comic world and the people who knew Michael Turner have been dealt a terrible blow by his passing at age 37.

I had known Mike for more than twelve years and even through ups and downs had loved him like a brother. My respect for him as a talent and more importantly as a man could not have been higher. Mike was quite literally the strongest man I had ever met. And I believe ever will.

Mike had been sick with cancer for almost eight years and the only way one would have known is if someone else told them. He never mentioned it, he never showed it. Ever. Not because he was trying to avoid your pity because he was above that, pity simply never crossed his mind. It was because it was HIS life and he was going to fight for it and live it to its fullest. All the way to the end.

The last time I saw Michael Turner was a year ago at a comic convention. The cancer was putting up a fight and was again trying to do the unthinkable, it was trying take his life. But because of who he was, he was having none of it. I saw him, he saw me, we both smiled genuine smiles. We shook hands, and gave each other a hug the way guys do, with as much respect as love.

A few years ago Mike and I had hit a bump in our relationship that cut us both deeply. We had gotten over it and were cool but when I saw him at the convention I said to him (and myself) that we need to talk some things through just because we should. The way he looked at me and (I’m sure) what he saw in the way I looked at him said, Absolutely, but not because we need to. We were good and we both knew it. Mike was always too focused on living and loving life to dwell on bullshit from the past. That was the essence of who he was and the legacy he will leave.

Michael lived his life the way we all should, as the gift that it is. So in his honor, the next time I bitch about the stupid little things that aggravate, I’ll think about the strongest man I ever met and do what he would have done, I will kick the stupid little aggravation out of the way and get on with living.

Michael Turner didn’t bitch and moan and complain about the unfair cards that were dealt him. Mike knew how to live life, and we who knew him must honor him by living the same way. He lived with dignity and in the end, he knew how to die the same way.

Rest in peace my friend.


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