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New MK vs DCU Footage and Screens

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 7 - 2008

I’m glad to see there’s still interest in a DC fighting game after the debacle that was the old Justice League fighting game way back when. Midway apparently doesn’t want us to forget they have a game coming out featuring some of our favorite heroes, so they’ve released some more info about their new Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game. Hit the jump to Shang Tsung tonight!

It seems as if every week reveals more characters for Midway’s upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe fighting game. got an exclusive first look at the game in action, as well as learning Shang Tsung will be making an appearance. The mainstay from the MK series has a new wardrobe, but still looks to be rocking that crappy goatee. I guess it’s supposed to be menacing. We also get a nice look at the new outfit Sonya Blade picked out for this installment. Despite Sonya wearing a belly-shirt, the makers claim to be going for a more realistic look. Maybe she’s not in the military anymore, and just wants to cut loose. After watching the footage of the game in motion, I’m a little more skeptical than I was yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, the game looks good; the character models are well done, and the well-designed environments have a certain degree of destructibility to them, but the actual fighting looks to be exactly the same as it was during the last ten versions of Mortal Kombat. I guess I was just hoping for some innovation this time around.

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During the video there are some cool things showcased. The ability to fight while falling through some of the environments looked promising. When Superman was getting beat up, his clothing started to rip (you can see it in the Batman pic, too). That was pretty cool. Then there were the things that weren’t so cool. The Flash has an attack where he runs past you while punching a few times and leaves you spinning like a top. Ugh. Looks a little Superfriends-ish to me. Superman juggling Shang Tsung up into the air, then punching him down to the ground looked cool until there was no residual damage to the environment. It’s a next-gen game, fellas. Maybe I’m asking too much. Despite the brief disappointment I felt after watching the video, I’m still looking forward to this game. Especially when hearing six new characters would be announced between E3 and San Diego Comic Con


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