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Review: Freshmen: Summer Vacation Special

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On July - 7 - 2008

Last week, Top Cow and TheQuarterbin brought you a preview of Freshmen: Summer Vacation Special, a one-shot letting readers know what the supernatural students of Freese College are up to during their break. We got a chance to read the full issue, so hit the jump to hear more.

Freshmen: Summer Vacation Special
Writer: Hugh Sterbakov
Artist: Sheldon Mitchell
Cover Artists: Rodolfo Migliari, Sheldon Mitchell

Okay, confession time here: I’ve never read Seth Green’s critically acclaimed Freshmen series before. Why? I really have no idea. I love Seth Green, first of all, and have since I was a teenager; I think he’s hilarious, and I’ve been a big fan of most of his work from Buffy to Robot Chicken and beyond. Also, Top Cow has been giving readers some top-notch stuff, so those reasons alone should have been enough to make me pick this up. Anyway, it’s a wrong that I’m in the process of righting, starting with Freshmen: Summer Vacation Special. In case you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed it.

For the uninitiated, Freshmen follows a group of first-year college students that have acquired super powers after a freak accident in the science building-turned-housing facility in which they were living. While that premise sounds like it might be heading down the generic “I got superhuman abilities during an explosion” story path, the kids and their powers never felt at all rehashed or boring during the Summer Vacation Special. Between the Intoxicator’s ability to, well, intoxicate others while he is messed up, Annalee’s super-disturbing mind-reading powers, and the fact that Renee and Brady must work together to use their powers despite being exes, there was more than enough to keep me interested.

During the break between their freshman and sophomore years at Freese College, the gang gets together again when a ficus grown by Charles (known as the Green Thumb, he can communicate with plants) becomes a giant and decides that she is in love with him. What follows is mass destruction around the town as both the kids and the military try to take the giant, walking ficus down as she tries to get away with Charles in her hand.

Like I said before, the story was a lot of fun to read, and accompanied by some lovely artwork courtesy of Sheldon Mitchell. Despite being new to the series, I found it easy to jump right in, especially with the one-shot self-contained storyline. There were some confusing moments, which really just made me wish I had been following this series from the beginning, but never so much that you can’t figure out what’s going on. Of course, now that my interest has been piqued, I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to go out and buy the Freshmen Volume One hardcover.

Both the Summer Vacation Special and the hardcover are on sale now at your local comic shop. If you’re a little bored with the usual superheroes this summer, Freshmen might just be the thing for you. I know I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen after summer vacation ends.

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