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Preview: Echoes of the Damned #1

Posted by Luke Brown On July - 28 - 2008

Devil’s Due is bringing readers a new take on the crime thriller this fall with James Pascoe and Roger Robinson’s Echoes of the Damned. We’ve got an advance look for you after the jump.

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When a killer begins a new reign of terror from beyond the grave, even one of the FBI’s most experienced profilers will be begin to doubt what living human beings are capable of. This Fall, Devil’s Due proudly presents Echoes of the Damned, a horrifying new crime thriller from writer James Pascoe (Azrael) and co-writer and artist Roger Robinson (Batman: Gotham Knights, Azrael).

“James and I brought a unique level of creative synergy to this project, and I think it shows in the work,” said Robinson. “We’re very appreciative that editor Stephen Christy and Devil’s Due have been so supportive of our vision from day one!”

The story of Echoes of the Damned follows Detective Dante Cortez, a serial killer profiler who has seen the worst that humanity has to offer—and he wants out. One final case will test Cortez to the core of everything he knows, however, when a dead criminal appears to be claiming new victims.

“It’s a thrill working with Roger Robinson again,” said Pascoe, “especially on a creator owned project we both feel so strongly about. The creative freedom has resulted in the best work of Roger’s career, and Devil’s Due has been a joy to work with!”

Blending the bizarre horror and gritty crime of Sin City with the chilling mystery of Fallen, Pascoe and Robinson’s Echoes of the Damned will bring a shocking conspiracy to life with the lavish action and shadow play that Robinson is known for.

Echoes of the Damned #1 kicks off the four-issue mini-series this October from DDP.

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