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Review: Broken Trinity: The Darkness

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On August - 5 - 2008

I hope yesterday’s preview of Broken Trinity: The Darkness has whet your appetite for the full review. We’ve read the first tie-in issue of the big summer storyline, and it only made us want more. Hit the jump for all of TheQuarterbin‘s thoughts on Jackie Estacado’s foray into Broken Trinity.

Broken Trinity: The Darkness
Writer: Phil Hester

Artist: Jorge Lucas
Cover Artist: Jorge Lucas, Jeffrey Spokes

As I’ve said before, I am fairly new to the world of The Darkness. However, after becoming quite invested in the Top Cow universe over the last few months, I have come to find Jackie Estacado fascinating. Broken Trinity: The Darkness is really a great story for Jackie, as it shows two different sides of him: the fact that, despite sometimes being a merciless killer, he also has a sense of honor that he feels should be upheld; also, the once-powerful wielder of the Darkness has become somewhat vulnerable both by his severed ties to his powers and his obvious affection for his newborn daughter, Hope.

Simply put, this story is just well-written from start to finish. I was never disinterested or confused, never wanted to skip panels and get to the good parts–the whole thing is the good part. After the events of Broken Trinity #1, Jackie is pulled back home from Central America to deal with what he left behind. This, of course, sets some things into motion that threaten to unravel the seams of the Top Cow universe as we know it.

Not surprisingly, the artwork in this issue is lovely. I loved the way Jackie was depicted, and it suited him so well for this particular story: approachable, almost human, but still a power to be reckoned with. There are also some rather disturbing images from a pub brawl that will probably be ingrained in my mind for awhile. Overall, a great job was done by Phil Hester and Jorge Lucas, but by now I’ve come to expect that from this team.

All I have left to say is that I’m now even more excited for Broken Trinity #2. Darkness fans, be sure to pick this issue up when it hits comic shops tomorrow.

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