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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On August - 12 - 2008

For comics shipping 08.13.08 or The Week Comics Are The Only Thing To Stop Me From Playing Madden. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively, no doubt about it need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.

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Hellboy: The Crooked Man #2

Hopefully you took my advice and picked up the first issue of this new Hellboy mini-series. If not, make sure to grab the first part when you get to the shop this week. Mignola’s writing is served well by Richard Corben’s art, and the two together make one phenomenal paranormal story telling team. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to give a shot, and you’ve never parktaken in the adventures of Mike Mignola’s signature character, spend the $2.99 on the book this week. You may be surprised how much you like it.


Action Comics #868

Be there this week as Superman finally confronts the true Braniac. After years of thinking we knew who Brainiac was, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank bring us a story to prove once and for all that nothing was as it seemed. I honestly haven’t had this much interest in a Superman title in a long time, and quite frankly everyone should be getting on board with the new direction Superman is headed in. Don’t miss out on the beginnings of what will surely be a run to be remembered. Start reading this week for $2.99.

Batman #679

Batman RIP” continues tearing down the foundation of the world’s greatest detective. Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel leave me wondering what’s going to happen next every issue. Believe me, you won’t want to miss a single moment of this story from here on out. Grab this issue for $2.99 before it’s too late.

Green Lanter Corps #27

After the huge battle that took place last storyline, Guy and the gang head back to Oa for a little rest and relaxation. Oh, and Guy’s new bar is opening. If past experience is worth anything, I bet nothing will go as planned, and some interesting revelations will be made concerning some Red Lanterns. Check it out this week for $2.99.

Tiny Titans #7

Just give it a chance, will you? It’s so completely harmless, why not see if you like what Art Baltazaar and Franco have to offer? Your $2.25 will not be wasted.

Wonder Woman #23

I’ve been enjoying this arc quite a bit, and as it draws to a close, I’m curious where Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti are going to take Wonder Woman. It’s such a given that Simone was born to write this book, and it’s a shame it took so long to get her on it. Now that she’s teamed with a perfect penciler in Lopresti, there’s nothing to stop this book from being one of the top five books to come out every month. Don’t believe me? $2.99 lets you find out on your own.


Amazing Spider-Man #567

It’s not very often you’re going to see an artist as talented as like Phil Jimenez working with a writer as good as Marc Guggenheim. Fortunately, the two of them are teamed on the latest Spider-story, which is a must read this month. The new Kraven is absolutely nuts, but she’s so damned hot, I can’t not read this to see just what shes’ going to do next. Ol’ Webhead always finds a way out of tough jams, but for once, I’m interested to see just how he does it. You can see for yourself for just $2.99.

Astonishing X-Men #26

Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi have a lot to live up to following Whedon and Cassaday on this title. If the first issue of Ellis’ run is any indication, he and Bianchi will be able to deliver. Part two is out this week, and if you’re not reading this book, why are you even reading comics? Stop shaming yourself, and start reading it this week for $2.99.

Fantastic Four #559

Millar and Hitch are really trying to make this book work, and I’m just not sure their direction is as compelling as they think it is. I’ll be picking this up for the art no matter what, but if by chance the story is finally as good as Millar can be, it’ll make the $2.99 even more worth it.

Secret Invasion #5

Just a little over half-way through Marvel’s big summer to-do and I have to say I’m really hooked. Lenil Yu has been as sharp as ever (now that he’s being inked), and Bendis’ story certainly has me enthralled. I don’t know how anyone who claims to have been a comic fan isn’t reading this, but you can avoid not being in the know for $3.99.

No trade this week. Nothing really jumped out at me.

See you next week.

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