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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On August - 26 - 2008

For comics shipping 08.27.08 or The Week Every Comic Ever Comes Out. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively, no doubt about it need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.

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America’s Best Comics Primer

So here’s the deal: A few years back, Alan Moore created his own imprint with his own characters. Every comic was written by Moore and featured art from seminal talents like Gene Ha, Chris Sprouse, JH Williams III, Kevin Nowlan and Rick Veitch. Three of my favorite books of all time are featured in this collection which reprints the first issue of all the comics launched under the America’s Best Comics banner. Here you’ll find Tom Strong #1, which introduced a heroic man of science similar to Doc Savage and Reed Richards; Promethea #1, which was Alan’s way of introducing the comic world to his teachings on magic and the heroine who embodies it (also the JH Williams art will blow your mind); Top Ten #1, which is a Homicide like police procedural on a super-powered world; Tomorrow Stories #1, which is an anthology book of golden age heroes from the ABC world; Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales #1, which was full of even more adventure with Moore’s latest science hero but with rotating creative teams. Folks, for $4.99 you’re getting over 150 pages of Alan Moore at his finest. I can almost guarantee after reading through this, you’ll be grabbing the collections of each of these books the next time you have a little extra cash. If you don’t at least like Top Ten, Tom Strong, or Promethea, you can hand in your comic fan badge immediately. Oh yeah, dont’ forget IT’S ONLY $4.99!!!

DC Universe: Last Will and Testament

Who do the heroes turn to in their darkest hour? What secrets do they share with those close to them? What are their last actions in a world that is crumbling before them? Brad Meltzer and Adam Kubert team for this 48-page one-shot about a world in peril, and what those heroes in peril are feeling when they’re helpless to stop the immenent destruction. Tying into Final Crisis, this tale is a book everyone should be picking up this week if they’re interested in the big changes happening all across the DCU. Grab this $4.99 to stay in the know.

DMZ #34

That first one took a lot out of me, plus the solicitation for this issue on Vertigo’s site is pretty danged good. Here you go:

The dramatic conclusion to the 6-part “Blood in the Game”! Election day. The very future of the DMZ rests in the hands of the voters. The stakes are massive, and Matty and the Delgado Nation are out to keep the peace and bear witness to any intimidation or violence. Will Delgado show? Will it be “by the people, for the people” or just the same old same old?

Brian Wood and Ricard Burchielli bring the noise this week for $2.99.

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1

This 2-part story focuses on Superman traversing the multiverse to battle a widespread menace that threatens the very world Superman has vowed to protect. Grant Morrison teams with Doug Mahnke for this tale of interdimensional superheroics. Oh, and there’s a section in 3-D. Are you picking this up or what? Yeah, thought so. $4.50 for 40 pages. Not bad considering the talent and the cool glasses you’re going to get.

Northlanders #9

An all-new story begins here as Brian Wood and Dean Ormston fashion a tale about a Viking invasion of Lindisfarne, England. Now that there’s a new storyline starting, all you faithful Quarterbingers who were wary of starting this book in the middle of the previous arc have nothing to worry about. I better see this book disappearing off the shelves at my shop this week. Try it out for yoursef for $2.99.

Superman #679

James Robinson’s run on this book is off to a pretty decent start, but I have to make a stand on this Renato Guedes guy on art. As talented as he is, I just don’t think this is the best book for him. Don’t get me wrong, the guy can draw, but there are panels where I’m just not sure he’s as confident in his pencils as someone who’s penciling Superman should be. That said, I’m really enjoying the book so far. But I’m still secretly hoping there’s a new penciler in the wings. Make sure to get on board before you get left behind. $2.99 this week.


Amazing Spider-Man #569

“New Ways to Die” kicked off last week, and I’ve got to say I no longer have any problems with Marvel’s current direction for the webslinger. I was hard on them when the whole “One More Day”/”Brand New Day” thing happened, but a good story is a good story, and they’ve been on a pretty good roll lately. And hell, with John Romita JR and Klaus Janson back on board for art, there’s no chance I’m not getting this. You should be reading this book now as well. I’ve said some things in the past about this book that maybe weren’t so nice, but I take them back. This title is totally worth your $2.99 every time it comes out.

Mighty Avengers #17

An issue all about what’s going on with Captain Marvel. And just what’s Marvel Boy been up to since taking over the prison where he was formerly held? FInd out this week for just $2.99.

New Avengers #44

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from or about the Illuminati. Looks like the wait is over this week when Brian Bendis and Billy Tan bring us answers to a question we haven’t even asked yet. Make sure to grab this $2.99 issue to keep up with the Secret Invasion.

Runaways #1

Finally, my favorite band of misfit teens is back. This time Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos are in charge, and hoping to bring life to this dormant-for-too-long title. Be there as Molly, Chace, Xavin, Victor, Nico, Karolina and Old Lace return this week. Hopefully this time they’ll stick around. For $2.99 this is the perfect time for anyone who missed out on the first two volumes to jump aboard. Moore and Ramos shouldn’t disappoint.

Skaar: Son of Hulk #3

This book is just a big, fun action movie with a good story and some terrific art. With all the heavy books out there, this one is a welcome addition to any buy pile. Things are just staring to pick up, so don’t wait any longer to see just how fun Greg Pak and Ron Garney’s book is. Make sure to have this issue with you at checkout. It’s just $2.99. I know you’ve got it.

Ultimate Spider-Man #125

Can you believe this book is already up to its 125th issue? Yeah, me either. Good thing Bendis has been writing such strong stories, otherwise this book would’ve died flat on the table long ago. It sure helps he’s been partnered with top-notch artists like Mark Bagley and Stuart Immonen during his incredibly long run. I hope this book lasts another 125 issues. It’s that good. Not so sure? Grab it for $2.99 and you’ll see just what you’ve been missing.

Wolverine #68

Millar and McNiven left us with quite an unecessary doozy last issue, and I’ll admit I’m curious to see where they’re planning to go with it. This alternate future take on the Marvel U has been mildly entertaining thus far, and it certainly has some good moments. I’m just not sure it’s had any great ones. There’s still a bunch of issues remaining in this story, so stick around. It’ll only cost you $2.99.


Uncle Slam Fights Back

Ande Parks and TJ Kirsch are bringing some fight to the political ring this week, and who better to help them than Uncle Slam? We had a little preview about a month ago, and I’ve been waiting for this ever since. Don’t miss out on this 48-page political satire by a solid creative team. Show Oni just how patriotic you are by supporting this $4.99 book.


All-Star Superman Vol. I

DC’s All-Star line is a place for industry talent to tell stories about their favorite heroes that take place in their own out of continuity world. The line launched with a Superman and Batman book, but only Superman was written by Grant Morrison. Somehow, between the 73 other books he’s been busy writing, Morrison found the time to churn out one of the most consistently great books on the shelf. Frank Quitely’s no slouch either. The guy’s style is so distinct and beautiful, it’s hard to turn the page. I’ve loved every issue of this book, and now you can enjoy the first six of this particular team’s twelve issues for just $12.99. You don’t have to worry about the history or current events, all you have to know is that it’s Superman being handled by one of the greatest collaborative duos of the last twenty years.

That’s all for this week. I told you every book ever was coming out this week. Enjoy.

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