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Buffy MMO Supposedly in the Works

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On September - 4 - 2008

You know, I don’t think 20th Century Fox and The Multiverse Network really understand what they’re doing when they say things like “Hey kids! We’re making a video game based on this Joss Whedon property you absolutely love! You know, the one that you spent countless hours in high school/college/adult life watching and obsessing over? Yeah, it may not see the light of day, but we’re gonna go ahead and get your hopes up all the same!” Well, let me tell you something, 20th Century Fox and Multiverse Network: NOT COOL.

For those not quite up to speed, the companies in question have banded together to announce that they are working on a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMO. These are the same people who claimed to be working on a Firefly MMO ever since 2006, which was supposed to be released in 2008—you know, the year we are in right now—and yet, no one’s seen so much as a screenshot for the damn game. Now it looks as though a nonexistent Buffy MMO is set to disappoint in the same way. According to Newsarama, the game will have two versions: “a 2D flash, web-based version, and a fully 3D world with a dedicated client.” Huh? Oh, and there might also be some overlapping storylines with the currently running (and currently awesome) Season Eight comic. You know, if this was actually going to happen.

Hey, maybe I’m just being overly cynical here, but after the premature cancellation of what would have probably been a great Buffy animated series, and the fact that the Firefly MMO is completely M.I.A., I’m really not going to get my hopes up. You may believe with all your heart that 20th Century and Multiverse are totally going to deliver, but it’s fuzzy-minded liberal thinking like that that gets you eaten.

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