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Preview: Dragon Prince #1

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 8 - 2008

Ron Marz inks his pen in the fantasy well this week, teaming with Lee Moder to bring us the limited series, Dragon Prince. If this book is anything like Marz’s Sojourn, you can bet I’ll be picking it up. Hit the jump for an advance look.

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Dragon Prince #1
(W) Ron Marz        (A) Lee Moder           (Cov) Jeff Johnson, Stjepan Sejic

Writer Ron Marz has revitalized Witchblade and is the architect behind the acclaimed First Born and Broken Trinity crossover events. Now, joined by artist Lee Moder (First Born: Aftermath, Painkiller Jane), Marz debuts DRAGON PRINCE, a four-part modern fantasy with equal doses of magic and martial arts mayhem.

Like a lot of teenagers, Aaron Chiang feels he’s never fit in, though he’s never known why. But all that changes when he learns the truth of his heritage: He is the Dragon Prince, last of his kind and heir to the bloodline of all dragons. Hunted to the brink of extinction by a secret society of wizards, dragonkind’s survival is now in Aaron’s hands.

Featuring spectacular covers by Jeff Johnson (Amazing Spider-Man), Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade) and David Finch (New Avengers)!

Cover A – Jeff Johnson
Cover B – Stjepan Sejic
Covers C, D – David Finch

Full Color      32 pages        $2.99       Limited Series

Check back tomorrow for the full review of this issue.

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