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The Latest MK vs DC Universe Updates and Rumors

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 11 - 2008

Everyone looking to fill that Marvel vs Capcom void in their life has a little something called Mortal Kombat vs DC to look forward to this year. There’s a ton of news breaking on the title as the release date nears. Hit the jump for the latest on this comic infused fighter.

There’s a bunch of Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe news hitting the wire today. I’ll hit you with some straight-up facts first. According to the guys at Newsarama who listened to the latest MKast (the podcast run by the producers), not only will there be multiple fatalities for certain characters, but you’ll be able to use these new moves on levels like the Oan Senate and the Justice League Watchtower. I don’t know about you, but those are definitely two levels I’m excited to see. And now that we know there’s multiple fatalities, my hopes for a “Joker squirting you in the face with an acid flower” lives on.

Today, also broke the rumored complete roster for the upcoming fighter thanks to the achievments tied to these characters. Here’s the “full” rundown:

-Batman            -Baraka

-Catwoman        -Jax

-Darkseid           -Kano

-Deathstroke      -Kitana

-Flash                -Liu Kang

-Green Lantern   -Raiden

-Joker                -Scorpion

-Lex Luthor        -Shang Tsung

-Shazam            -Shao Khan

-Superman         -Sonya

-Wonder Woman -Sub-Zero

It’s a pretty impressive list despite the glaring omission of Johnny Cage. Though Jimmy Palmiotti is supposedly an unlockable character. Maybe he’ll have some shades on. You’ll hardly be able to tell the difference. I’m looking forward to giving this game several plays. Now that Darkseid has been somewhat more confirmed, you can bet I’ll be whooping some ass from here to Apokolips.


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