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Review: Broken Trinity #2

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On September - 16 - 2008

The Top Cow universe has been shaken to its core in recent months, and Broken Trinity #2 brings together the Darkness, the Angelus, the Witchblade, and a new power on a New York City battleground. Ready to find out what’s going on in the war between darkness and light? Read on.

Broken Trinity #2
Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Stjepan Sejic
Cover Artists: Stjepan Sejic, Dale Keown, Marc Silvestri

You know things are getting pretty epic in the Top Cow universe when an issue has four different variant covers, as seen in yesterday’s preview. Broken Trinity #2 brings Jackie Estacado back into Sara Pezzini’s life after a bloody fight with the Angelus. Now that Jackie is powerless and weakened, he has been targeted by the winged beings, making life for the mobster even more difficult. We also discover the fate of hired thug Finn, who has been drawn into this struggle against his wishes.

I’ve been enjoying Jackie’s vulnerable side in the last few issues of Broken Trinity and The Darkness, and he seems to be in the midst of a great character arc. Between the loss of his powers and his experiences in South America, Jackie has begun to look at things differently, and it is apparent that these recent adventures have really had an effect on him. The issue starts with Jackie paying a visit to Sara, and having a few heartfelt moments with his daughter. Getting to see Jackie, Sara, and baby Hope together in a more peaceful setting is a nice counterpoint to the explosive ending of this issue.

Finn’s life, however, has not been so peaceful since his run-in with Sara Pezzini and the mysterious “curator”, who, as we all suspected, was more than just a simple antiques dealer. He has been forced into a destiny he never wanted, and now a large burden has fallen upon his shoulders. Will he stay and fight? Or will he run away, leaving Sara, Jackie, and the Angelus behind to pick up the pieces?

Ron Marz has been doing fantastic work for Top Cow with both Broken Trinity and Witchblade, and this issue is no exception. The pacing is perfect for the middle issue of a three-part miniseries, setting things up nicely for the big climax to come in Broken Trinity #3. I also love the beautiful, meticulously-detailed artwork of Stjepan Sejic–the two of them just make a perfect team. With so many different powers converging in one place, things are about to get really crazy, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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