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Preview: Labor Days Vol. 1

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 18 - 2008

You’ve never heard of Benton Bagswell, but you’ve heard of the Dude, John McLaine and Maxwell Smart. Oni Press is publishing a new book called Labor Days, and they’re hoping you see what Benton has in common with all those characters. Hit the jump for a preview of this interesting concept.

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Benton “Bags” Bagswell could be the most unaccomplished chores-for-hire
handyman in London. He is completely content in doing nothing with his
life. That is, until the day his girlfriend dumps him and he finds
himself in possession of a mysterious videotape. Thrust into a dangerous
world of deceit and betrayal, it’s up to Bags to pick himself up off the
bar floor and hit the road in search of the truth! LABOR DAYS is a
globe-trotting hijinks, surreal comedic adventure as our unlikely hero
tries to grow out of his slacker life style and into the enigma that’s
blown up his former existence!

“We were so fortunate to get this pitch,” said Editor-in-Chief James
Lucas Jones. “Philip Gelatt is an undiscovered talent and Rick Lacy is
one of our favorite artists. LABOR DAYS is like THE BIG LEBOWSKI, GET
SMART, and DIE HARD all rolled into one book. Hysterical antics, good
plot, action packed, and over the top. We’re really excited about this

“Bags is like Jeffrey Lebowski… if he thought he was John McClane,”
commented Marketing Director Cory Casoni. “I love the characters in
LABOR DAYS. They’re some of the best you’ll ever find in a
character-driven story like this. Quirky and bizarre, even the bad guys
are lovable!”

LABOR DAYS is like a smoothie made up of James Bond movies,
mid-twenties malaise, and toss-away scraps of social theory. Blended
with an heroic amount of booze and an epic amount of fantastic artwork.
Mmmm booze and malaise,” joked writer Philip Gelatt. “Writing LABOR DAYS
was a lot of fun, mostly because it has lots of characters I wish
actually existed. In fact, sometimes I forget that we just made Bags up.
I pull my phone out and try to call him and then have to sheepishly put
it away.”

“This book has taught me a lot.” said artist Rick Lacy. “And I taught it
a number of things right back! ‘I’m Rick Lacy, damn it, and you’re not!’
I would say to it. People would stare. But I didn’t care. Because
they’ll know when they read it. They’ll all know… I guess this book
has made me a bit insane. But it was the best fun I’ve ever had drawing it.”

“I really love revolution as a concept, or a dramatic concept at least,”
concluded Gelatt. “And LABOR DAYS is about a bunch of people who are all
after their own revolutions and fail to get them. And one guy who isn’t
after any revolution at all ends up finding one.”

144 black-&-white pages of comedic adventure for only $11.95, LABOR DAYS
, hits stores this October like a ton of bricks. Let’s hope
nothing gets broken, because even though he’s a handy-man… Bags
probably can’t fix it.

Be sure to check back next week when we’ll have a full review for you guys.

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  1. Looks good! Said,

    That’s a great beginning to a comic. A lot happening in those first 6 pages… This thing is gonna be epic.

    Posted on September 20th, 2008 at 8:47 AM

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