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Baltimore Comic Con 08: Dark Horse Panel !!UPDATED!!

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 27 - 2008

Dark Horse was in Baltimore this weekend ready to divulge even more about Umbrella Chronicles, Buffy, and all their other great books. Hit the jump to see what they had to say about their plans for the rest of the year into 2009. NOW UPDATED WITH IMAGES!

Jeremy Atkins and Scott Allie have a lot to say, so let’s get to it.

- Between BPRD and Hellboy, the two books are racing towards the end of the world with two different Lovecraftian apocolypses. There are going to be some big revelations in upcoming Hellboy stories.

- Umbrella Chronicles: Dallas #1 will arrive in stores Nov. 26th. 32 pages with no ads. (Due to some technical issues, we are not able to see the preview pages. I’ll work on getting them for you by the end.)

- Beanworld is still on track to ship by next March.

- Dark Horse is glad to be able to bring online comic content (Perry Bible Fellowship, Penny Arcade) to the masses. They have a plan to continue publishing collections of online comics like Achewood, Nothing Nice to Say and Apple Geeks.

- Issue #19 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be the first late issue. Whedon had a bit too much on his plate with Dollhouse and other projects. Allie hopes the book won’t be more than a month late.

- Jeph Loeb’s BtVS stoy focusing on the never made animated series will have art handled by the original series designer. Buffy will go through the issue ala Scrooge in that she will be the Buffy from Season 8 transplated into this animated universe.

- The issues following Loeb’s story will focus on individual characters (Harmony, Faith, Giles) and their place in this Slayer filled world.

- Dark Horse is going to focus on a big manga push. They will be partnering with a Japanese publishing house called Clamp to provide simultaneous launches for Japanese, Korean and America audiences. This will be the first time American readers will be able to get manga at the same time as Eastern audiences.

- There will be a Clover omnibus from Clamp out in April of next year.

- Star Wars comic fans will have plenty to look forward to as Dark Horse looks to publish even more books in the universe in the coming year.

- Both the Aliens and Predator franchises will return to comics. There are some really exciting things planned for the comics.

- For next year’s 10th anniversary of The Goon, Dark Horse has some really cool celebratory stuff to do. Including new trades, guest artist specials and some other special events.

- There are no more plans for Indiana Jones right now.

- Robert Howard’s Kull and Solomon Kane will have their older issues (which Dark Horse now has the rights to) collected in reprints. Hopefully in spring of next year audiences will be able to pick up early comic adventures of Conan as well.

- Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon will be working on a vampire comic written by Mignola and Arcudi for the BRPD universe.

- Liz Sherman will be the focus of the 4th War on Frogs one-shot which will be drawn by Karl Moline. The book is due sometime in 2009.

- No solid plans for Crimson Empire III despite the rumors.

Stay tuned for more, including some art and an Umbrella Chronicles: Dallas preview, from this panel and the rest of Baltimore Comic Con.

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