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Baltimore Comic Con 08: DC Nation

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 27 - 2008

We’re live from the DC Nation panel at Baltimore Comic Con. Want to see what Dan DiDio, Geoff Johns, Jimmy Palmiotti, Sterling Gates, James Robinson, and Sean McKeever had to say? Hit the jump to join in on the action.

As always, the show starts with some slides about upcoming and current projects.

- Rage of the Red Lanterns: The day the Guardians decide to execute Sinestro, the Red Lanterns attack, wanting to kill him themselves.

- New Krypton: A 9-part story where Kryptonians are reintroduced into the DCU, and every superhero thinks they’re out of a job.

- Robinson says one of the important parts of the New Krypton story is making Supergirl more relevant in the Superman universe.

- A new Nightwing, Flamebird and Superwoman will be introduced. Creature Commandoes will be reintroduced as well. Johns: “They’re the A-Team of monsters.”

- Black Adam will return in JSA #23, only to find Isis is still alive.

- Palmiotti said the Power Girl book he and Amanda Conner are working on will pick up on elements from Johns’ previous storyline from JSA: Classified.

- Terra will double-ship in both November and December. The preview pages we got to see at the DC booth look great, and this book should be pretty cool.

- McKeever joked he’s hoping to get the roster in Teen Titans down to one, and make it a solo book.

- Even though the Ray is on an upcoming Teen Titans cover, McKeever made note he probably won’t be there when the book ships. Read into that what you will.

- Terror Titans arrives this upcoming Wednesday, and will have “lots of conniving, and lots of blood.”

- Terror Titans #4 marks the first official appearance of the Milestone characters when the Titans find Static in the Darkseid Club.

- Superman/Supergirl: Maelstrom is another Palmiotti book double shipping in November and December. The story is about Superman teaching Supergirl about how and when to use her powers on a planet with a red sun. Art by Phil Noto.

- Green Lantern Corps will begin to explore the emotional spectrum. Johns: “Love can be scary.”

- Faces of Evil will allow the major villains of certain books to be the stars of the story for that month. DiDio wants to show the confidence DC has in its villains by allowing them to be the focus of their own story.

- The new Justice League book by Robinson will spin out of events occuring right now, and will focus on the team being almost like the G-men of the DCU.

- Johns joked he wanted McKeever to kill more people so he could have more Black Lanterns, along with mentioning Solomon Grundy will be a Black Lantern.

The panel then opened up to fan questions.

- A fan asked if All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder would ever come out on time. The panel erupted into laughs before DiDio said, “No. I could lie, but I won’t.”

- Palmiotti joked about the lack of Jonah Hex slides during the slide show.

- A fan whose local shop was closing asked what DC was going to do to try and get more people into the LCS versus buying comics online. Bob Wayne promised a dedication to the LCS, speaking particularly about weekly comics and giving the reader a reason to go to the shop every Wednesday. DiDio added it was their job to get you excited about getting to the shop every week, and believes they’re really doing a great job of putting out interesting stories.

- Palmiotti added he still went to the shop for the social aspect.

- Any plans for more Ostrander Suicide Squad stories? DiDio felt the book didn’t do as well as he would’ve hoped, but the characters from the Suicide Squad would be appearing around the DCU in various books over the course of the next year.

- Will we see any more Batwoman after Crisis? Absolutely. She plays an integral part of upcoming Bat-stories, as well as the upcoming Justice League.

- Any chance of seeeing Aquaman anytime soon? Johns joked (or did he?) that he would be a Black Lantern. DiDio said he would appear in an Ian Churchill story in the upcoming DC holiday special.

- Will there be trades of previous Milestone books? Yes.

- Can Johns speak on any of the other colored Lanterns? Agent Orange will be appearing very soon, and he’s not a very good guy. Agent Orange also has Johns’ favorite oath. More will be coming quicker than we think. Hope (Blue) will also have the ability to affect other Lanterns in a very strange way.

- What does RIP stand for in the Batman story? It does stand for Rest in Peace, but the story is about exploring the limits of Batman and his world.

- Will all the Flashes return in Rebirth? Johns dodged the question a bit just saying Ethan’s work looked great so far.

- We will find out who was in the lightning rod (from JLA) in Legion of Three Worlds.

- Black Canary/Zatanna has been put on hold for a bit. Paul Dini’s Zantanna ongoing will start by middle of next year.

- Dini will stay on one of the Batman books next year.

- Will Speedy and Connor Hawke be appearing anywhere since they’re not in Green Arrow/Black Canary? No comment at this time. Johns apologized, saying he couldn’t say anything just yet.

- Look forward to stories with Holly and Harley next year.

- What happened with the Johnny Quest mini-series? Howard Porter was originally on it, then got moved to Trials of Shazam, but then injured himself, and is just getting back to drawing again. There may be something down the line, but nothing right now.

- Will the Creature Commandoes be more than a blip on the radar? Yeah, they’ll be around. It was actually DiDio’s idea to bring them back.

- No plans to bring Elsewords back into print.

- Geoff fielded a question from a guy with a mustache about Barry Allen being a great detective. Johns: “Let me tell you, not a lot of guys can rock a mustache.” He went on to add the book will be more science based when Rebirth comes.

- How important will Shazam be in Final Crisis? Mary Marvel will actually play more of a role, but Freddy will be a part of Robinson’s Justice League.

- Adam Hughes is back to work on All-Star Wonder Woman.

- Johns will be using Doug Mahnke on something very soon, but couldn’t say just what it was.

- Johns asked Palmiotti why the DC characters would kill the Mortal Kombat guys. Palmiotti said things weren’t quite what they seemed, and you would find out more from the story in the game.

- There will be a weekly comic that follows Trinity, but it won’t be a year long. There is also another weekly which is currently set to be open ended.

- What can you tell us about the Manazons? The Greek Gods feel that Wonder Woman has abandoned them, so they send an army of men, led by Olypian, to Themyscira to rectify that problem.

- Greg Rucka and Johns are working on something together, but Rucka has two unnamed projects in the works. He will be doing more with the Question after Revelations.

- Captain Atom will be featured in Superman books down the line.

- Robinson said you can expect Atlas and the Parasite (and the rest of Superman’s villains) to follow in the footsteps of Johns’ treatment of the Flash’s Rogues.

Stay tuned for more from the Baltimore Comic Con.

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