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Baltimore Comic Con 08: Top Cow Panel

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On September - 27 - 2008

Ready to hear everything you want to know about the Top Cow universe? Stay tuned, Filip Sablik is going to talk Darkness, Witchblade, Dragon Prince, and all things Top Cow. Moo! More from Filip, Nelson Blake II, Ron Marz, Rob Levin after the jump.

- We’re kicking off with the “Ron Marz corner” of the panel. We get a look at the Dragon Prince exclusive Comic Con cover. We hear more about the Dragon Prince series. Ron says that it’s meant for kids, but doesn’t talk down to them; it also appeals to a very wide age range.

- On to Broken Trinity! They point out that even though it was supposed to be their big summer event, “it’s now fall… and we’re sorry.” Even though the climax has been delayed, it should be worth the wait. Again, it’s three issues and three tie-ins, for a whopping total of $18, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be reading this.

- At the end of Broken Trinity, someone will die. This has been said before, but they are making clear that it will be a major character. Two new characters will also be introduced.

- There’s a verrrry curious panel that looks like Sara and Jackie Estacado about to get it on. Whaat?!

- Not surprisingly, the aftermath of Broken Trinity will be big and emotional, having a big impact on the surviving characters in the universe.

- Sara and Dani’s arrangement (with both of them having half of the Witchblade) may not stay so friendly. Catfight! Also, that situation will resolve itself “in kind of a very final fashion,” says Ron Marz.

- Major announcement time! Ron Marz is now exclusive to Top Cow for three years. He’ll be doing more on Witchblade, as well as at least two other series every month. Awesome news.

- Ron likes doing this stuff more than superhero comics because the stories are a lot more fun.

- We get a look at some art from Paul Dini’s Dinicartoons. Paul is also going to be doing a second Madame Mirage series and at least one new series.

- Both Pilot Season winners from this year and last year had female leads; apparently that is the key to winning Pilot Season. Cyblade, one of last year’s winners, will be coming out this month. Velocity will be out in January.

- A Darkness trade will be out later this year, it will be $5. Good deal. They apologize for the lateness of Darkness #5.

- Starting with issue #7 of The Darkness, they are going to use dual numbering. We can look forward to seeing a lot more of The Darkness as it celebrates its upcoming 75th issue (after three separate series).

- An Impaler trade is on the way, along with a new Impaler series starting in December. “There will be no pretty boys with vampire fangs. We don’t do pretty.”

Time for questions from the audience!

- Will there be more Midnight Nation? No, it was a complete story. There will be a deluxe oversized hardcover coming out in January, though.

- How will the Witchblade movie tie into the series? It will likely be an origin story. Also, it will likely be out in 2010, not 2009.

- When can we expect to see the series from the winners of this year’s Pilot Season? After next year’s Pilot Season wraps up (likely September and October of next year).

That’s all from Top Cow. Don’t forget, we’ll have live coverage and more all weekend long!

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