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Baltimore Comic Con 08: The Swag Report

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 28 - 2008

Another convention has passed, and that means I came home with a bunch of cool stuff I didn’t have before. Take a look at the figures and art I managed to pick up after the jump.

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As soon as the floor opened on Saturday, Sarah, Chris, Paul, and I hit artist’s alley trying to get an idea of the layout of people we were looking forward to speaking with. Even though I had seen the guest list, Dennis Calero’s name didn’t click until I saw the art for X-Men: Noir all over his booth. Not only did we have a nice talk about the project (which you guys will be able to read tomorrow), but he was kind enough to give us prints of the promo images for the upcoming book.

After making the rounds, I noticed a few people walking about with the official Baltimore Comic Con poster by Paul Conrad. I really dug it, so I went to check out the booth where they were on sale, and also happened to pick up a Captain America print Conrad had also done.

You can also see that I managed to pick up a print of Amanda Connor’s submission for the Siegel and Shuster Society. I’ve always been a big fan of Amanda’s style, and couldn’t turn down a chance to own a piece of work that nice. Of course, while at her and Jimmy Palmiotti’s booth, I also spied a Catwoman print of hers that just had to find a place in my apartment.

Then there’s the print we got from the guys at Th3rd World Studios promoting their upcoming project, The Stuff of Legend. I won’t be able to give the premise any justice in a little blurb here, but don’t fret, we’re going to have plenty to say about that title soon enough.

While we were all super-busy getting as many interviews for you guys as we could, there was just enough down time for me to take a trip through the retailer side of the convention floor. Lucky for me, a few of the booths had some figures I had been wanting for a while (or does that make them the lucky ones since they got my money?). You guys reading know how much I love pretty much everything NECA does action figure-wise, so once I saw the black and white version of their TMNT box set for sale, I felt it was my duty to bring it home.

If you look really close, you can also see I happened upon the Superman: Red Son box set from DC. That story (and Millar’s version of Bizarro) is easily in my top reads of all time, so getting this was a no-brainer. I already had the Hal Jordan from this line, but since that’s relegated to the Green Lantern shelf, Superman will have to make due with sharing space with the Turtles. I also managed to snag the Baird and Dom figures from NECA’s second Gears of War series. If there’s ever been a better looking series of video game action figures, I’ve yet to see them.

That’s all for now. Be sure to check back over the next few days to catch the rest of our coverage and interviews.

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