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What to Watch for Wednesday

Posted by Luke Brown On September - 30 - 2008

For comics shipping 10.01.08 or The Week I Finally Realized How Fast The Year Has Gone. Every week I’ll check Diamond’s shipping list to see what you absolutely, positively, no doubt about it need to spend all your hard earned cash on at the Local Comic Shop.

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No Hero #1

Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp team once again to bring us the story of dysfunctional heroes in a dysfunctional world. Pretty much everything Ellis has done with Ryp has been pretty good, so I don’t expect this series to be any different. $3.99 gets you some of the most detailed and violent art you’ve ever seen, along with a story by one of the premiere writers of this generation. Don’t miss out.


Batman #680

Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel are back for another installment of “Batman RIP,” and as the story is rocketing to its conclusion, I have to wonder just how long the ramifications of Morrison’s musings will last in the DC Universe. Of course I’m also wondering who will be behind the cowl come January. Don’t miss a page of this story. Make sure this$2.99 book is on your buy pile.

Supergirl #34

DC is getting all their ducks in a row with their Superman line, and that now includes bringing Kara Jor-El into the fold. Writer Sterling Gates and artist Jamal Igle are sure to bring this book some much needed life, and you should plan to be there when this… wait for it… jumping on point issue hits the stands on Wednesday. Oh, right, price. Sorry, I got distracted by that Josh Middleton cover. $2.99.

Top Ten: Season Two #1

Those of you who missed out on the first series of Alan Moore’s magnificent police drama set in a superhero world really… um… missed out. Anyway, this book is one of the best franchises ever created, and even though Alan Moore has moved on, the new creators (and former partners on the title) Zander Cannon and Gene Ha, have Alan’s blessing to continue telling stories in this universe. The America’s Best Comics imprint isn’t just clever advertising. Pick it up for $2.99.


Four Eyes #1

Joe Kelly and the wonderfully talented Max Fiumara team to bring this story to the masses. My words will not do it justice, so here’s the actual solicitation.

Brooklyn 1930. America struggles in the grip of the Great Depression, and ten-year-old Enrico is willing to make any sacrifice to take care of his mother. Even if it means taking a job in the one place he’s forbidden to go… the ring of fire where dragons are trained and fought for cash and glory.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Yeah, me too. It’s only $3.50, and this is a really light week, so there’s no excuse for not giving this a chance.

Trade Paperback/Hardcover of the Week

The Spirit Vol. 2

This hardcover collects the second half of Darwyn Cooke’s run on the update of Will Eisner’s classic hero. I’ll have you know Darwyn did just win the Harvey Award for “Best Cartoonist” for his work on this very book. $24.99 not only gets you some of the best graphic storytelling of the last year, but also gives you a chance to see what the Spirit character can be when done properly, and not completely mishandled by a creator stepping into shoes a couple sizes too big. Can you tell how disappointed I am in the early footage of Frank Miller’s film? Sorry. It’s unfair to judge it until seen, but no matter how good that film ends up being, aside from the original material, this is as close to perfect Spirit stories as we’re likely to get. Try it out.

See you next week.

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