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Baltimore Comic Con 08: Jimmy Palmiotti Interview

Posted by Luke Brown On October - 3 - 2008

We had a unique opportunity to speak with Jimmy Palmiotti at the Baltimore Comic Con last weekend. Jimmy’s one of the industry’s most popular and respected creators, and finally getting to speak to him was pretty damn cool. He’s currently writing about 95 books for DC, including Jonah Hex, in addition to the upcoming Terra and Power Girl series. He has inked just about every major artist of the last 20 years from Joe Quesada to Paul Gulacy to Steve Dillon and many more. Jimmy has also worked in video games, having either written or co-written The Punisher and Ghost Rider games, as well as Midway’s upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC. Hit the jump to see what he had to say about his various projects, and working in the industry.

Anyone looking forward to Dead Space should also know that Jimmy and frequent colaborator, Justin Gray, have co-written the animated movie which is a prequel to the actual game. According to Jimmy, it’s pretty sick, so definitely check it out. You can find pretty much every book Jimmy’s worked on at you local comic shop. Stay tuned for more on the Baltimore Comic Con, as well as a unique gaming opportunity we’re not quite ready to reveal just yet.

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