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Pop Open a Cold One With Emily, Jones Soda, and Dark Horse

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On October - 9 - 2008

Guess what, fellow lovers of all things Emily the Strange? You can now spot your favorite 13-year-old girl on bottles of Jones Soda. Jones and Dark Horse have teamed up for a special line of Emily drinks. Don’t worry, they look delicious. Hit the jump for the full press release.

BERKELEY, CA – October 9, 2008: Now you can get Emily the Strange in a bottle! Emily comic book publisher Dark Horse Comics has teamed up with Jones Soda Co. to launch a limited-edition line of Emily the Strange soda pops on

Dark Horse Comics is known for breaking tradition and bucking trends. It arranged the partnership with Jones Soda Co., part of Jones Limited, to provide comic and soda fans with a new way to enjoy some of Dark Horse’s most popular characters.

Six special-edition Emily art labels have been created for the sodas. And only 100 six-bottle packs of each of the six themes will be available, just in time for Halloween on October 14. These special-edition sodas, which come in Strawberry Lime, Pure Cane Cola, and Cream Soda, will only be available at The other Dark Horse comic featured in the program will be Eric Powell’s The Goon, which will launch with the soda line.

MyJones was developed to create a unique and personal connection with Jones consumers by allowing them to customize their own bottles.

In 2002, Jones Soda received the patent for the unique MyJones process, and the service continues to be one of the most popular features that Jones Soda offers today.

“This is a really fun way to expose our characters to a whole new market,” says Dark Horse President and founder Mike Richardson. “We have a lot of great ideas on how to make this partnership an exciting one and the flexibility and creativity of the Jones staff make them the perfect company for us to work with. Most importantly, we love the soda!”

“We are excited to work with such an iconic company like Dark Horse Comics that has always inspired the imagination and challenged the status quo,” says Jones Soda COO, Joth Ricci.  “The spirit of these two brands will be an exciting partnership combining our premium soda and their epic characters.”

“It’s wonderful to offer fans a new, hip and eclectic way to enjoy Emily, especially with Jones. The company has built a thriving business on its do-it-yourself spirit,” says Emily creator Rob Reger.

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