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Review: Cyblade #1

Posted by Luke Brown On October - 24 - 2008

One of last year’s Pilot Season winners got off the ground this week. Hit the jump to see whether or not Cyblade is still deserving of her own ongoing.

Writer: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Artist: Rick Mays
Cover: Rick Mays, Kenneth Rocafort

This week saw the launch of the all-new Cyblade series by the Pilot Season winning creative team of Rick Mays and Joshua Hale Fialkov. The pilot issue was a solid attempt at giving a character a chance to be more than a knockoff character. In this series, instead of having the book occur in current continuity, Fialkov focuses on the early years of Dominique Thiebaut’s employment at Cyberdata. While I certainly wasn’t anxiously awaiting the start of this new series, I like what Top Cow is doing with this Pilot Season promotion, so I wanted to at least give the series a shot.

Amnesiac secret agents with dual identities are nothing new, but when done right, can still be interesting. Disappointingly, Fialkov makes his influences a bit too obvious, and instead of paying tribute, it looks as if he’s just taking the best parts of what worked before and applying it to his own tale. That’s not to say his scripting is bad. His dialogue is actually pretty decent, and the pacing is good. This first issue reads quickly, but not to the point of being detrimental. I guess I was just hoping they’d finally find a way to move Cyblade out of imitation, and settle her into her own. Instead, she becomes even more of a Weapon-X/X-23/Psylocke/Jason Bourne clone.

Artist Rick Mays has a capable, but inconsistent pencil. There are panels in this book he nails. The first three pages are really solid. At other times, his characters look either awkward or misproportioned, and it takes you out of the story. It’s clear Mays knows how to draw and layout a story, but the differences in his work page to page aren’t going to help the book maintain readership. Hopefully, as he continues working on these characters monthly, he’ll be able to settle into a comfort zone, and give this book a more consistent look and feel.

Cyblade #1 isn’t a bad book. There’s potential here, and it’s evident fans want to read this book. I just hope the creative team can give this book its own personality to set it apart, and make it worth reading each month. Right now, I’ll stick with it, but Cyblade is definitely on a shorter leash than I would give to most new series.

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