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Emily the Strange Creator Rob Reger in Collage Show

Posted by Sarah LeBoeuf On October - 30 - 2008

Rob Reger, the creator of iconic teen Emily the Strange and cool artist, will be featured in a collage show in Berkeley, California’s Gallery Extraña. Unfortunately, we’re isn’t local to sunny CA, so we won’t be able to attend. Quarterbingers in the area should check in out, though. The show will run from November 7 to December 12. Hit the jump for more info.

October 29, 2008 – Berkeley, CA: Defiant Optimism: New Works from the San Francisco Collage Collective is an exhibit of contemporary collage and montage that opens on Friday, November 7th and runs through December 12th. After several shows in Mexico and Texas, this exhibit is the first group show for the San Francisco Collage Collective and includes two invited Bay Area artists, both internationally renowned for their collage work: master film animator Lawrence (Larry) Jordan and political punk satirist Winston Smith. It also includes work by collective members vice presidential candidate Matt Gonzalez and Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger. The artist’s reception will be held on November 7th from 6 to 10 pm, with film screenings by Jordan at 8pm. Gallery Extraña is located at 2912 Telegraph Avenue (1 block north of Ashby Avenue) in Berkeley.

A highlight of the opening reception is the 16mm screening of several silent films by Jordan, with live improvisational piano accompaniment by Rob Reger. Says Friberg, “Lawrence is one of the most important innovators in the history of avant guarde cinema and his meticulous and bizarre filmic assemblages are a real delight.” Often borrowing imagery from his animations, Jordan’s collages are playful juxtapositions of the two-dimensional, creating strangely seductive narratives and intimate compositions. Jordan, whose style is a delightful departure from collage maestro and famous recluse Joseph Cornell (with whom he worked with in the 60s in New York), will debut 3 previously un-exhibited collages. In addition to providing piano accompaniment to Jordan’s films, Reger will debut work that revisits his surreal and absurdly figurative Red Series. Reger’s musical projects include rock band This Isn’t It and experimental bands Thuja and Beno + Minnie.

In collage and montage the ordinary and mundane is appropriated and given new context, the rebirth of the image is expressed through the integration (cutting and pasting) of found materials and objects. While the works in this show address the theme of Defiant Optimism in distinct ways, the glue stick—not photoshop– is the tool that brings together this cast of talented, respected Bay Area figures. “We are very exited to exhibit new work by Winston Smith,” says curator and Gallery Extraña co-director Aimee Friberg. “He is the man who gave punk a graphic prowess and was responsible for shaping a generation of artists with his stunning high contrast designs, such as the Dead Kennedy’s logo, and with witty montage compositions that have graced album covers and publications internationally. He wields a mighty x-acto knife.”

Local abstract collage artist Gonzalez will unveil new work in the show. Also featured will be collages by collective members Robin Savinar, Francis Mill, Rance Brown, Albert Herter, Bernice Yeung, Javier Arbona, David Sloane, Esteban Ortega Brown, Matt Sullivan and Aimee Friberg.

“Cutting and pasting, shifting and merging; can collaging bring change? You might say it’s a curious idea… Can recycling and appropriating visual imagery ignite hope? Maybe we find ourselves hoping for a better composition or for cleaner air, hoping our color scheme is effective and how it’d be nice to have a stable economy. You might ask ‘where is optimism gleaned in these dark times?’ Is it in the quirky, the mundane, the found, the scattered? In art-making, friend-making? Conversation? And how can we affect change? Scavenging, cutting and pasting make sense to us and in this collective show we hope to call attention to little moments of bliss found in the process of making. We hope to delight and maybe even inspire you to pick up pair of scissors.” says Friberg, speaking for the collective.

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