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One of the great things about going to conventions is having a chance to meet up with people in the business after convention hours. In our case, we happened to meet several of the guys who work for Th3rd World Studios in our hotel during the Baltimore Comic Con. Today, we’ve got an interview with two of those guys, co-publisher Michael DeVito and editor Mike Raicht. Hit the jump to see what the two had to say about their work, and some of their upcoming projects.

Books like Space Doubles and Creature Feature have a great retro feel to them, like something out of Amazing Stories or Creepshow. When looking at stories for those books, is that something you guys have in mind, or do you let the creators do their thing?

Michael DeVito: It was definitely a conscious decision to pull in that retro vibe. From the storytelling to art and cover choices that we made it was something that we made sure ran throughout both series. When the concepts of Space Doubles and Creature Feature were conceived, documents were written for each by Scott and Mike that laid out exactly what the goals of the series were. Those were then sent onto the writers and artists so that they knew what to expect. Within that very wide scope the creators were allowed to whatever they wanted, we just wanted to make sure that there was a very clear theme present with both books.

You’ve already had people like Leah Moore, CB Cebulski, and Mark Andrew Smith contribute to these books already. There seems to be a lot of creators out there who see what you guys are doing with these books, and want to contribute.

MD: We’ve been really fortunate to work with some really talented writers and artists that have put a lot of faith in us as a new publisher. When Scott Closter first approached me about doing Space Doubles, my first reaction was, this is a really cool concept, but if we don’t get some established talent on it we may have a hard time getting people to pick it up. Scott and myself started approaching creators about working on the project and every single person that we contacted came on board. It was really cool to see that kind of support for the projects from guys and gals that could easily be doing a million other projects.

For Creature Feature we had the same sort of luck. All of the creators that Mike Raicht brought on board, bought in to what we were doing wholesale. It made the entire process a really fun one. We are already thinking beyond these two projects and a few of the creators who worked on these books will be working on other things for us, so it has been great.

You have a book coming out at Th3rd World called Stuff of Legend. What can readers expect from this title?
Mike Raicht: Stuff of Legend is something myself, my co-writer Brian Smith, artist Charles Wilson III, and Th3rd World are really excited about. Stuff is really meant to be an epic action adventure fairy tale with a twist of Grimm thrown in. In a nutshell, The Boogeyman kidnaps a young boy into The Dark, his mystical realm. The only ones who can save the boy are his most cherished toys and his new puppy. And in order to get him, the toys must not only enter The Dark but also face off against The Boogeyman’s legion of discarded toys who essential hate not only the boy for forgetting them but also these toys because they still hold favor.
The kicker is, once toys enter the dark they become real version of what they represent. The teddy bear Max becomes a raging bear. The pull toy becomes a real flying duck. The piggy bank becomes a real pig.

Being both an editor and writer for Th3rd World, which do you enjoy more: Writing your own stuff, or being the first guy to read what the other creators have come up with?

MR: I think editing can be a lot of fun. Working with people on their ideas and creations is a blast. Especially if you can toss them a thought or suggestion which makes them come back with something even stronger in the end.

But getting something that you’ve created down on paper is the coolest feeling in the world. Especially on the off chance that it is something that really works or resonates. So while I enjoy reading other peoples stuff I have to say the most fulfilling thing is creating my own worlds and stories and turning them into editors who will then hopefully inspire me to come back with something even cooler in the end.

I’m lucky enough to be able to be involved in both and I think it helps me with my writing and my editing. It’s a give which allows me to approach other people’s stories without the urge to try and get my creativity out there. It lets me see what other people are doing . And I think it lets me hopefully serve the story first instead of my ego.

We’ll have a lot more from Th3rd World coming soon, including more on Stuff of Legend, webcomic SuperFogeys, and Creature Feature, to name a few. Thanks to Mike and Mike for taking the time for the interview.

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